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Top Enterprise Content Management Companies in 2024

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems: Our top picks in 2023

Enterprise Content Management
We review the top Enterprise Content Management systems (ECM) to help companies choose the right system for their enterprise to organize, manage, and maintain their data.


Quick Summary: This is the best Enterprise Content Management systems (ECM) in 2023
#1 Laserfiche 
– The leading provider of Enterprise Content Management systems (ECM). Laserfiche is our top pick in 2023, for many reasons, but mainly because it's suitable for businesses of all sizes and all industries.

An enterprise content management system (ECM) is the strategies, methods, and tools used to manage, store, capture, deliver, and preserve unstructured data, content and documents. Using an ECM enhances the organizational process of files and documents which ultimately boosts production, and saves a lot of time, effort and work that is typically wasted on various forms of grunt work such as searching for a physical file, or delivering a file. 

Using an ECM makes sure the files reach the correct person, at the correct time, with the highest levels of efficiency. According to IDC statistics, 80% of the time is spent on data discovery, preparation, and protection, and only 20% of the time is spent on actual analytics and getting to insight. This translates into financial losses, which can be fixed by ECM.

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Customer Support
- Knowledgebase, Certified courses, 24h email response, 24/7 phone call support
Integrated Solutions
- Healthcare solutions, Governmental solutions, Educational solutions, Financial services solutions, and Manufacturing solutions.
Number of API Integrations
- More than 120 third-party custom APIs
Founded in 1987, and based in Long Beach, California, Laserfiche is one of the top leading global providers of intelligent enterprise content management (ECM) and business workflow automation.


30-day demo trial period
Robust capture solution with different forms of data gathering
Wide variety of effective customizable solutions for different types of business
Wide variety of integrated APIs including more than 120 third-party custom APIs


Doesn’t work well with very old devices of low processing power, especially with large content
Customer Support
- Phone
Integrated Solutions
- HR, Legal, Finance, IT Solutions
Number of API Integrations
- Unknown
An advanced document management software for businesses of any kind.


eSignature with KBA & OTP
Governance tools


No free trial
Customer complaints of laggy interface