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NameSilo Full Review: Exceeds the Expectations

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NameSilo Full Review: Exceeds the Expectations

Are you looking for an all-inclusive solution that is affordable and worthy? If yes, then you're on the right page. NameSilo is a comprehensive solution with plenty of services, including domain registration, besides hosting options, impressive security solutions, free email forwarding, and a free logo maker.

Did we arouse your curiosity? Let's get started right away.


Affordable and competitive prices
Advanced security and protection features
Supportive and excellent customer support


Less various add-on options than other domain registrars

Quick Stats

Add-On Services
Not Available
Customer Support
24/7 chat and email support
Domain Lock
Not Available
Grace Period
Not Available
Minimum Registration Duration
1 Year
Price at Renewal
Privacy and Protection
Free WHOIS privacy and protection
Starting Price
Transfer Fees

NameSilo is an American domain registration company based in Arizona and has more than a decade in the field. The company offers services more than the name indicates, and it prides itself on being one of the most affordable services that are both worthy and reliable.

If you are wondering why NameSilo. You're about to find out; let's keep reading.

What Makes NameSilo a Good Pick?

In the first place, NameSilo promises to offer the lowest cost of ownership domains on the internet, so you don't have to wait for special offers on special days to register or renew the services; prices are always affordable.

Speaking of cost, NameSilo also offers advanced security features, WHOIS tool, and API access free of charge.

What about domain management? NameSilo built their own domain management system, where users can perform all the operations on a per-domain basis or in bulk. Bulk is a management tool used to make changes to domain settings and DNS records easily.

With NameSilo, you don't have to worry about your security. As it provides a Domain Defender tool that protects your domain from malicious attacks. Anytime you need assistance, NameSilo's experts are there to answer all your questions.

More is waiting ahead in the detailed features.

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Plans and Pricing

In this section, we'll provide all you need to know about NameSilo's plans and pricing to help you find what you're looking for. As said earlier, NameSilo promises to offer its services for a competitive price. This section will help you determine if NameSilo is really affordable and what benefits and features you'll get.

NameSilo offers ten domain names for a price that starts at $1.59. All domain names include:

  • Free WHOIS privacy forever
  • Custome WHOIS records
  • Parking a domain
  • Portfolio management
  • Registry lock
  • Sub-account tools
  • Domain defender protection

NameSilo also made the comparison for you to help you decide; on the website, you can compare prices to other name registration services on the market.

In the following table, we compared all NameSilo's domain names' prices and listed the price before and after discount for the domain names included in the current promotion.

  Price (1-49) Price (50-100) Price (101-500)
.com $9.95 $9.85 $9.75
.net $11.79 $11.69 $11.59
.org $10.79 $10.69 $10.59
.club $1.59
(Renewal price is $10.99)

(Renewal price is $10.89)

Renewal price is $10.79)
.biz $6.49
Renewal price is $14.49)
(Renewal price is $14.39)
(Renewal price is $14.29)
.life $2.99
(Renewal price is $23.99)
(Renewal price is $23.89)
(Renewal price is $23.79)
.icu $2.19
(Renewal price is $6.49)
(Renewal price is $6.39)
(Renewal price is $6.29)
.info $3.79
(Renewal price is $15.79)
(Renewal price is $15.69)
(Renewal price is $15.59)
.top $1.19
(Renewal price is $4.89)
(Renewal price is $4.79)
(Renewal price is $4.69)
.store $4.99
(Renewal price is $43.99)
(Renewal price is $43.89)
(Renewal price is $43.79)


Prices will increase upon renewal, as appears in the comparison table above. However, some domain names, including (.com, .net, .org) will stay offered at the same price.


Grace period

Bearing in mind the time of renewal is crucial to avoid losing your domain name to someone else. Not to mention the possibility of offering it at a higher price to claim it back. To avoid all the headaches, make sure to choose a domain registrar with a grace period that guarantees to keep your domain name for a specific duration after exceeding the renewal date if you forget or fail to renew on time.

Fortunately, NameSilo allows a grace period of up to 31 days within which to renew expired domains.


Payment Methods

NameSilo accepts the following payment options:

  • Credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, UnionPay, Elo, JCB, Discover, Amex)
  • Web money payments (Alipay, Apple Pay, Dwolla, Google Pay, PayPal Skrill, Venmo)
  • Cryptocurrency


Bulk domain purchase discount

NameSilo's discount is available when customers purchase in bulk. You'll get a considerable discount when ordering more than 50 domains. Discounts get more inviting for bigger purchases, and up to 2500 domains. This is an even greater advantage for resellers and customers with an urgent need for a number of domains to protect their online presence.

Let's not forget to mention NameSilo bulk management tools that allow making changes to domain settings and DNS records and many other options including:

  • Edit contacts
  • Bulk domain lock unlock
  • Enable/Disable automatic renewal
  • Renew WHOIS privacy
  • Add WHOIS privacy
  • Enable/disable URL forwarding
  • Domain expiration sync

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Privacy and Protection

NameSilo affordable prices are a great perk, but what about security? Is it reliable and secure? Security is an essential aspect to look for in a domain registrar, especially when considering how sophisticated and malicious security threats are getting every day.

Whether NameSilo is secure or not depends on what security features it offers. Let's find out.

1.WHOIS privacy and protection

WHOIS, as the name indicates, tells who owns a domain and helps to know whether or not the inserted domain name is available. It is very helpful to contact administrators to solve technical issues or negotiate with a domain owner, besides using it to know business contact information and location.

WHOIS protection tool hides your information, like email address, phone number, and location. The great news is NameSilo offers this security option free of charge.


2. Two-factor authentication

Do you want to ensure that no one is authorized to access your account except you? The two-factor authentication guarantees that, and if someone's trying to, you'll receive a warning notification.

3. Bitcoin payment

Along with having a secure enterprise-grade system and ensures fraud-free transactions, it also accepts bitcoins as one of many other payment methods. Bitcoin is a secure digital currency with encrypted money transactions.

Why Bitcoin?

  • Open source and available to everyone
  • Autonomy and discretion of financial transactions
  • Elimination of banking fees
  • Much lower transaction fees, especially for international transactions.


4. Domain lock

To ensure the most possible security, NameSilo provides the option of locking your website to prevent any fraudulent transfers. Once your domain is locked, NameSilo rejects any request to transfer it to different registrars.


Domain Transfer

The domain name transfer with NameSilo is both easy and affordable. NameSilo also extends the expiration year for one year on all transferred domains. Inviting right?

The following table lists NameSilo's domain name transferring price:

Top-level Domain Transfer Price
.com $8.39
.net $11.79
.org $10.79
.club $9.99
.biz $13.99
.life $23.99
.icu $5.99
.info $13.49
.top $4.79
.store $42.99


Transfer your domain name to NameSilo in three steps:

  1. Verify your domain name: Type your domain name in the search bar, and see if it meets the requirements.
  2. Prepare your domain transfer requirements: Make sure your domain transfer information is complete and enter your EPP authorization code.
  3. Submit your request for domain transfer: Add your domain name to the cart and head to check out. It'll take 5-7 days to be automatically completed.

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User Experience

NameSilo guarantees a smooth and peace of mind domain name registration. The website has straightforward and easy-to-follow steps. Once you're on the website, the payment methods, plans, prices, domain name options, all is clear.

When you decide to make the transition, it's an easy, guided transfer. Whether you are a domain guru or a first-timer, the process is simple, and you can get step-by-step support from the company's 24/7 customer service teams.


Customer Support


NameSilo offers support via live chat, knowledge base, phone, and email. Its customer support is comprehensive and provides detailed answers to all your questions.


Free Apps and Add-on Services

Along with its easy and affordable domain registration, NameSilo offers many apps and add-on services.

Free CDN

With NameSilo CDN, you can keep your website safe from DDoS on various servers worldwide. With that, your website will load much quicker for your visitors.

Logo Maker

The free Logo Maker app can assist you in selecting the ideal typeface, iconography, and color scheme for your personal or professional logo. With a unique design wizard to choose the template you prefer. The software will do the rest, narrowing down thousands of design alternatives and providing you with the ones that are best suited to you.

Website builder

All NameSilo hosting plans come with a free website builder, free email, and easy WordPress installation. NameSilo's website builder provides easy and intuitive building tools, besides a wide variety of templates to choose from.

Get it for an affordable price!


NameSilo promises to deliver the best services at a low and competitive price, and it actually does. All domain names are offered at an affordable price, and you can compare them with other domain registrars on the market on NameSilo website

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