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Domaincom A Full and Thorough Review

List of Content A Full and Thorough Review is one of the leading names among domain registrars.’s prices seem quite affordable as well, but what about other aspects? Our thorough review of will cover all your questions and queries. 


30-day grace period
Free domain transfer
Reliable and helpful customer support
Competitive pricing plans


Does not support cryptocurrency payment
No free add-ons and trials

Quick Stats

Add-On Services
Not Available
Customer Support
24/7 chat and phone support
Domain Lock
Not Available
Grace Period
Not Available
Minimum Registration Duration
1 year
Price at Renewal
$13.99 per year
Privacy and Protection
WHOIS privacy protection for $9.99 per year
Starting Price
$8.99 per year
Transfer Fees

Plans and Pricing provides competitive pricing plans and flexible expiration policies. Although offers a wide variety of top-level domains (TLDs), for simplicity, we will be discussing .com prices since it's the most popular TLD.

Starting price
With the registration price of $8.99 per year for .com top-level domains, they compete with the most affordable domain registrars.
Prices may vary depending on the popularity of your domain name and the top-level domain used. You can start with a longer, more syllabled domain name to keep the price tag at $8.99. It's possible that you'll have to make an offer on a domain name with only two or three syllables.



Renewal price
Like most domain registrars, the renewal price is higher than the starting price. For example, the renewal price of a .com TLD is $13.99 per year. To keep your website from expiring, we recommend getting a 10-year subscription; that way, you don't have to worry about your domain expiring for a very long time. 

Grace period
The importance of timely renewal cannot be overstated. If you do not renew your domain name, it will expire, allowing someone else to purchase it and charge you a higher fee if you want to reclaim it. And it's at this point that a grace period kicks in. Even if you don't renew on time, your domain name is not auctioned off for sale. provides a 30-day grace period.

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Hidden fees's pricing is clear, with no hidden fees here and there. They do, however, add a WHOIS privacy and protection plan by default to your cart when purchasing a domain name. You can opt out of that by unselecting it to keep your purchase at $8.99. 

Privacy and Protection 

For your domain name, offers a variety of security and protection options. You can select the security plan that best suits your needs. We believe that WHOIS privacy protection is critical.

Essentials security plan 
For only $3.99 per month, you can get a daily malware scan and removal, along with monitoring your website's search engine blacklisting. 

Prevent security plan
The Prevent security plan provides full protection and web application firewall and DDoS protection for a monthly fee of $14.99. 

Prevent plus security plan
At $24.99, the Prevent Plus plan offers the highest level of security with PCI-compliant scanning, website CMS vulnerability patching, and continuous malware scan.

Domain lock prevents your domain from getting transferred to another registrar by locking it, further enhancing the protection of your domain name. 

SSL certificate
For extra security validation, you can add an SSL certificate to your website for as low as $3 a month. 

Service Price
Essentials Security Plan $3.99/year
Prevent Security Plan $14.99/year
Prevent Plus Security Plan $24.99/year
SSL Certificate $7.98/year


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Domain Transfer

Transferring to
The process of transferring your domain name to is quick and simple. There are no additional charges for domain transfer to 
To begin, check to see if your domain can be transferred. To unlock your domain, go back to your previous registrar, and obtain the transfer authorization code. All that's left is to complete the registration process as if you are registering a new domain name. 

Transferring from
To transfer your domain to a new registrar, you must first unlock it on, which is done for free, then you can transfer it to the domain registrar you desire.

User Experience 

The website loads quickly and smoothly. It's easy to navigate through different functions and buttons. It also provides animated video tutorials, customer support, and a knowledge base.

Customer support
You can reach customer support by email, chat, or phone. The hold times are short, and the agents are rather helpful and informative. On average, interactions were resolved within 3 minutes via chat.

You can find an answer to almost any question in an informative knowledge base. The articles are arranged into categories based on the subject. You'll find related topics below the article, which can be helpful leads to your issue. 

Video tutorials 
If you are having issues understanding a certain website function or feature, has animated videos that explain different concepts like SiteLock in a simple and short animated video. 


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Other Services offers a variety of other services besides domain registration, like web hosting, website building, and other business solutions. 

Website builder offers a variety of website building plans according to your needs and budget, starting from $1.99 per month.

Marketing solutions
You can schedule a consultation with a marketing specialist for free or by calling their number directly. They also offer SEO (search engine optimization) services and social media management with their marketing bundle—all for free with your web hosting plan.

Business solutions
You can purchase Microsoft Office 365 or Google space plans through

Final Verdict 

From its customer support channels, help videos to fast and smooth website navigation, provides an easy and effortless domain name registration with flexible policies like a 30-day grace period, opting out of extra services, and free domain transfer service. 
However, it charges $8.99 per year with no added WHOIS privacy and protection plan or any free trials and add-ons. It's a good place to register your domain if you are just starting out and you have no interest in free business or marketing solutions. Your domain name will be kept safe and sound with and the grace period of 30 days is always a plus.

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