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  • Free forever plan
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Several use cases
  • Users report difficulty in learning to use all features
  • Lacks marketing and sales automations
Selling Points
  • Project management, quickly creating and assigning tasks
  • Customizable views
  • Integrations with a variety of other tools
  • Time tracking to improve efficiency
  • Automation to help streamline your workflow and save time
  • Collaboration with team members and external stakeholders
Business Size Supported
  • Undisclosed
    Medium-Sized Businesses
  • Undisclosed
    Small Businesses
Customer Support
  • Undisclosed
  • Undisclosed
  • Undisclosed
    Help Guides
  • Undisclosed
    Live Chat
  • Undisclosed
    Mobile Application
  • Undisclosed
Services Provided
  • Undisclosed
    Automated Payroll
  • Undisclosed
    Automated Tax Filing
  • Undisclosed
    HR Add Ons
  • Undisclosed
    Time Tracking
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