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Best Kitchen Printers
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Best Kitchen Printers For Restaurants

Best Kitchen Printers For RestaurantsBest Kitchen Printers For Restaurants

Most fully operational point-of-sale systems for restaurants are equipped with kitchen printers with their basic hardware kits, and if your restaurant's point-of-sale system is not equipped with one, you may want to get one soon. Why may you ask? Let us explain.

Why Should You Have A Kitchen Printer?

A kitchen printer's basic function is to print customer orders arriving at the kitchen display system. A printed order minimizes inaccuracies when received by the chef and kitchen staff, so no sloppy handwriting translation will be necessary.

Moreover, kitchen printers improve collaboration because everyone will be working with the same data in the system. All the collaboration leads to expedited order delivery, as orders will not be lost or go unnoticed because a kitchen printer usually beeps or makes loud printing noises.

Another benefit of kitchen printers is that orders are divided and conquered across different kitchen stations. For example, when order includes an appetizer, drinks, main course, and dessert, each order item is routed to its appropriate kitchen station.

All in all, all these kitchen printer benefits aim to satisfy your customers and their bellies, so they keep coming back for more. Now that you know why it's best for your kitchen, and point-of-sale restaurant system should be equipped with a kitchen printer. Let us look at the features you should look for in a kitchen printer.

Kitchen Printer Features

As we mentioned above, a kitchen printer should include a beeper sound when printing new orders so the chefs do not go unnoticed. More features include:

Impact Printing

Impact printers differ from normal receipt ones, they may look alike, but one main difference sets them apart, which is, as its name suggests, impact printing technology. Impact printing marks the paper with an ink belt, which makes it more heat resistant to kitchen conditions. On the other hand, receipt printers are not designed to withstand the heat, which is why they are not suited for kitchens.

Rugged Construction

Since kitchens are usually hectic and can resemble warzones, equipment is always bound to fall and crash to the ground. You will need a rugged kitchen printer that can withstand such falls and clashes and continue functioning normally.

Internal Power Supply

A kitchen printer with an internal power supply would maintain its functionality, service, and wireless connection to the kitchen display system, even if it was accidentally plugged out.

Seamless paper loading and printing

It is vital that your kitchen printer seamlessly loads papers and does not require five minutes or more of staff time to reload it. In addition, it is best your kitchen printer has an easy-to-use loading mechanism that does not require order reprinting when you experience a jam.

Which Kitchen Printers Should You Consider?

There are countless options for kitchen printers on the market; it is smart, however, to choose one of the best; here are a few examples:


Epson is one of the most known names in the POS industry, and it offers many options for full kitchen display systems.


Another solid kitchen display system and kitchen printer provider are definitely worth checking out when shopping for a kitchen printer.

Star Micronics

Star Micronics offers a wide range of hardware products for restaurants, such as kitchen printers, receipt printers, portable printers, cash drawers, and more! Star is known for its rugged hardware that can withstand harsh warzone-like kitchen conditions.


MICROS is one of the best-known brands on the market, and it has withstood the evolution of point-of-sale systems with its evolutionary hardware. It has also been acquired by the giant data-processing company Oracle.

Now you have a good insight into kitchen printers and their best brads, we do, however, recommend you do your research to find the kitchen printer that fits your restaurant's and budge's needs.

If your restaurant does not have a point-of-sale system, you can check out our best point-of-sale systems providers, as many, if not most, provide solid kitchen printers with their hardware packages.

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