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Best Free Antiviruses For Windows

Best Free Antiviruses for Windows in 2024

Best Free Antiviruses for Windows in [y]Best Free Antiviruses for Windows in [y]


Are you tired of spending money on your antivirus? Or maybe purchasing a VPN? While these are very important, but if you’re on a budget, this might not be your top priority right now. Don’t worry! You can download free antiviruses to protect your PC. Of course, they’re not going to be the best with the most advanced features, but they can still provide you with extra security. If you’re a Windows user, we’re here to tell you all about our top 6 free antiviruses for Windows.

If you’re a Mac user, you might want to check out our top 10 Antivirus software.


The Security Features Available in Windows 10

Every software has its own security features. Windows 10 has a built-in malware scanner to protect your device from any security threat. Real-time protection and updates that are automatically downloaded to help protect your device are available. Let’s take a look at what Window’s 10 antivirus program Microsoft Defender Antivirus offers:

  • Malware Protection: Runs scans and protects your device against any threat
  • Account Protection: Access account settings and manage your sign-in options
  • Firewall and Network Protection: Manage your firewall settings and network connections.
  • Control Apps & Browser: Customize protection settings for your device and protect it from any dangerous apps
  • Device security: Built-in security: Core isolation, memory integrity, security processor, and more.
  • Family control: Control and monitor your children’s devices

All of these security features, yet Windows, get many threats, so it’s better to install another antivirus. In case you download another antivirus, Microsoft Defender Antivirus will automatically turn off.


Is Microsoft Defender Antivirus Enough to Keep my Computer Safe?

Microsoft Defender Antivirus isn’t so bad, but you can’t even compare it to third-party apps. It offers useful features, but they’re limited. For instance, malware detection rates are lower, parental control’s limited, and it lacks advanced tools like a password manager, VPN, and identity theft protection.

Although Defender comes built into your pc, it shouldn’t stop you from using a reliable antivirus to protect your device. After all, Microsoft isn’t specialized in cybersecurity. Thus, it’s better to invest in antivirus with high-quality features.

If you’re on a budget, there are free antiviruses that you can use.

Watch out though!

Some free antiviruses are a scam; they can be spyware software. They trick you into downloading the software for free and end up stealing your information and selling your data. There’s no need to panic because we’re here for you!

Keep reading to find out our top 6 free antiviruses for Windows...

The Best 6 Free Antiviruses for Windows

Free Antiviruses aren’t so bad if you’re looking for basic features with better protection than Microsoft Defender. If you’re looking for advanced features, check out our category page to have an overview of the best-paid antiviruses.

Fasten your seat belt and take a look at our top picks for you:

1. Avira Free Security for Windows

Avira’s one of the best antiviruses; its paid version has excellent virus and Ransome protection, a VPN, device protection, and browser safety component. What about Avira’s Free Security for Windows? Well, compared to other free antiviruses, Avira is user-friendly and has a lot to offer like:

  • Cloud operation: Detection doesn’t take place on your computer.
  • Antivirus protection: Real-time protection against all malware files on your computer.
  • Browser safety: Blocks phishing sites, trackers, and unwanted ads
  • Safe shopping: Recommends better deals online.
  • Software updates: Keeps your devices up to date
  • Limited VPN: To browse your internet safely, you’ll get 500MB/month
  • Password Manager: Saves your passwords and recommends strong ones
  • Game Booster
  • Firewall
  • PC tune-up tools: Cleans junk, speeds your computer and reduces lags.

Overall, Avira is fast, lightweight, and reliable. It won’t impact your system in any way, and you can run CPU-intensive programs without slowing down your PC. One of the disadvantages of using the free version is that their VPN connects you to only one server. As a result, you won’t be able to access geo-blocked content.

All of this with their free plan, can you imagine what they have to offer in their paid plans? Read our full review to find out.

Try Avira Now!

2. Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

You’ve probably heard of Kaspersky before; it’s a reliable and lightweight antivirus. It offers many advanced security features such as great ransomware protection and other security features. Let’s dig deeper and find out what the free version has to offer:

  • Real-time malware protection
  • Password Manager: Saves up to 15 entries
  • Limited VPN: Limited to (200MB/day)
  • Data breach monitor
  • File shredder

Unfortunately, while you can browse the internet safely while using their VPN, you won’t be able to access geo-blocked content because you can only connect to one server.

Of course, if you’re not tight on money, try one of their paid plans; there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Download Kaspersky Now!

For more information, read our full review.


3. Sophos Home Free

Sophos is a bit overpriced compared to its competitors on the market. However, it does offer a free version for both Windows and Mac. It’s safe, easy to use and covers up to 3 computers. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer:

  • Anti-malware protection
  • Real-time protection
  • Remote control: Through their online dashboard
  • Multi-device protection: Up to 3 devices
  • Parental control: Basic parental control to block certain websites

Unfortunately, it lacks ransomware protection, which is an issue. However, it’s still okay if you’re looking for basic protection for your computer that’s better than Microsoft Defenders.

Download Sophos Now!

Read our full Sophos review.

4. Panda

Another antivirus that includes a free version for Windows, Panda. Panda is a secure, user-friendly, and lightweight antivirus. Some of the best features include:

  • Ransomware protection
  • Real-time protection
  • Gaming mode: Automatically suspend any notification when watching a video or playing games
  • Rescue Kit: Download a bootable version of Panda on a USB drive and use it to clean an infected PC and get it to work again.
  • VPN: Limited VPN of 150MB/day to access the internet privately.

Panda will detect any viruses better than Microsoft Defender. So, it’s worth using it to protect your data from being leaked. Once again, their VPN won’t access geo-blocked content as you can only connect to one server. However, if you upgrade to their paid plan, you’ll get more features like a firewall, parental control, and more. 

Give Panda a Try!

For more information, read our full Panda review. 

5. Bitdefender

When it comes to paid plans, Bitdefender is our 2nd best antivirus, the 1st being Norton. Either way, it has a lot to offer as you don’t have to worry about it after installation; it works in the background.

Features included:

  • Cloud-based anti-malware program: Runs in the background and sends necessary notifications.
  • Malware Scans: Detects all files automatically
  • Anti-Phishing site protection

As seen, Bitdefender’s free plan has limited features. If you’re looking for more features, you should check out Bitdefender’s premium plans; they have a lot to offer. Try it and decide, you won't lose a thing; they have a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Try Bitdefender Today!

Feel free to read our full Bitdefender review.

6. AVG antivirus

Another great antivirus to consider AVG antivirus. The free AVG antivirus was the Top-Rated Product of 2019, so it must be doing something right. Let’s take a look at the features included in their free plan:

  • Ransomware protection
  • Real-time protection
  • Phishing protection
  • Scan for performance problems

The AVG antivirus offers basic protection by scanning malware, viruses, and any spyware. Whatever the problem is, AVG has you covered, but it only covers one device. Moreover, you can choose the devices you want to scan.

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Since some free antiviruses steal your data, it's better to use one of the trusted antiviruses mentioned above. 

Should I Download a Free Antivirus?

For extra protection, if you’re a Windows user, it’s better to take an extra safety step and download an antivirus. If you’re on a budget, consider trying one of our top 6 antiviruses mentioned above to avoid any scams or problems other services could cause. If you have some extra money on the side, consider purchasing one of the premium versions to benefit from more advanced features. Depending on your preference, check out our top 10 paid antiviruses and decide which one is for you.

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