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Amusement Parks Ticketing Systems
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Best Amusement Parks Ticketing Systems

Best Amusement Parks Ticketing SystemsBest Amusement Parks Ticketing Systems

Why Should You Get a Ticketing System for Your Amusement Park?

Amusement Parks sure can be all about fun rides, so managing and running yours should be just as fun as its rides. No matter the size of your amusement park, you will need a ticketing and point-of-sale system that will help you manage its operations and sell tickets seamlessly.

Suppose you already have a traditional ticketing system. In that case, it may be running well, but perhaps you probably are facing some problems since you are reading this blog about the best amusement parks ticketing systems. The cons of a traditional ticketing system are that you may rely on third-party vendors for online sales, which could be quite costly, or have your customers print their own tickets at home, which is not really convenient anymore.

These days, customers expect more out of their favorite facilities and amusement parks. Providing a great customer experience and check-in process can be a challenge without a proper ticketing and point-of-sale system.

With today's technology, customers will expect to buy tickets days in advance and use their smartphones to validate their tickets without wasting valuable recreational time on long queue lines. In addition, paper tickets are no longer widely used in amusement parks; guests and customers would expect to wear wristbands. A great ticketing system will allow those wrist bands to be chargeable and used as digital wallets where they can charge them to pay for their purchases or create tabs on their names to pay off at the end of their visit.

The top amusement parks ticketing systems offer their customers ecommerce solutions where they can easily sell their amusement park tickets online and have them verified with a simple QR scan at the entrance. This way, you won't have to rely on third-party payment processors and their high transaction rates.

On top of it all, it's important to have customer relationship management tools so you can really get to know your guests and customers. CRM tools usually pack marketing features that allow you to automate campaigns to targeted customers. You also can customize emails to certain groups to send them promotions or birthday messages.

Moreover, amusement parks ticketing systems will also allow you to manage your back-end operations seamlessly by allowing you to manage your employees and give them restricted access to the system while automatically calculating their payroll at the end of the month.

We did our research to lay for you the best amusement parks ticketing systems and point-of-sale software that will put the muse in running your amusement park.

Best Amusement Parks Ticketing Systems


Korona offers one of the best amusement park systems for several reasons; it has the most convenient features that both you and your team will love and appreciate. Korona is a cloud-based point-of-sale system that not only packs the ticketing system you desire but also everything from back-end operations to customer relationship management.

For starters, Korona allows you to customize your tickets and prices according to days of the week or time of day and offer your customers special discounts and bundled items on the go. All your amusement park's inventory is also manageable and accessible from the same point-of-sale and ticketing system, where it will automatically update its count at every purchase and allows you to set reorder reminders when a product gets low on stock.

Secondly, you also get to manage your employees and automate their payroll and overtime with Korona's HR and accounting tools, as your system will calculate working times as your employees clock in and out. Korona will allow you to set restrictions and access levels to your employee's subaccounts and provide you with performance reports.

Korona also provides you with an ecommerce portal that you can integrate with your website that your customers can use to purchase their tickets ahead of time and skip long queues at the entrance. Its ticketing system also supplies you with fast and durable tickets, so you do not have to worry about making long queues.

Korona's ticketing system pricing starts at $49 per month for its Core plan, $59 per month for its Advanced plan, and $79 per month for the Plus plan.

Read our full Korona POS and ticketing system review to find out everything it has to offer.


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2. Aluvii

Our second pick for the best amusement parks ticketing systems goes for Aluvii. Its software is packed with the features you never knew you needed, and it is also built for. For example, it provides you with thermal and electronic tickets that can be easily validated at the entrance so your guests can skip the long queues and never waste a minute of valuable recreational time.

You can also easily customize your tickets with advanced rules such as a variety of expiration dates or group or family passes. Aluvii also has built-in marketing tools that will you help you automate campaigns and customize the messages to fit your target guest group.

Aluvii also offers self-service kiosks that allow your customers to buy their tickets and have them printed automatically, in addition to foods and drinks that automatically sync with Aluvii's point-of-sale system.

Its point-of-sale system also has a variety of useful features. For instance, it allows you to manage all your amusement park's inventory, from all its restaurant ingredients to snack bars items and merchandise. In addition, the system will automatically deduct the count at every purchase, and you can set reminders when items get low on stock so you can reorder from your vendors in time before any product gets 86ed.

You are also gifted with useful analytical insights and reports over your amusement park's performance in sales and your staff's performance so you can take smart actions to optimize any aspect.

Aluvii's pricing is quote-based, so you need to contact their team to get your price and package that suits your amusement park best.

Read more about Aluvii's ticketing system in our full review.

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3. Roller

Roller offers another brilliant amusement park ticketing system; it is cloud-based as well and one of the top-rated in the industry. Its ticketing system comes hand in hand with its point-of-sale system, where you can manage all your amusement park operations from one place.

Such operations include your back-end operations where Roller's software will keep track and count of all your inventory from the merchandise you sell onsite or snack bar or restaurant ingredients. In addition, Roller's system is compatible with API integrations where you can either build your own solutions to use third-party applications to provide you with more capabilities and features.

Moreover, you can provide your customers with on-spot discounts, customize your tickets and offer bundled items and passes for groups or families. You can also gift your customers cashless wallets by allowing them to charge their RFID cards or wristbands and use them to pay for any onsite purchase.

Roller's point-of-sale system has great customer relationship management tools that allow you to understand your customers better while offering them irresistible deals and gifts cards and credits that they can redeem both online and in-store.

Your customer database can also be segmented and filtered to your likings, such as spending or purchasing products. In addition, Roller's guest experience insight tool will provide your customers with surveys and allow them to leave feedback. You will be notified of any negative feedback so you can take quick actions to turn any critic into a fan and fix any areas of inconvenience in your amusement park.

Roller's pricing starts at $200/month, billed $2,400/year with its Lite plan, and $500/month, billed $6,000/year for its Pro plan, and lastly $2,500/month, billed $30,000/year for its Enterprise plan.

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