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Optimize Experience: Best Amusement Parks Ticketing Systems

Optimize Experience: Best Amusement Parks Ticketing SystemsOptimize Experience: Best Amusement Parks Ticketing Systems
Find the best ticketing systems for your amusement park

Updated: February 25th, 2024. 

Amusement parks evoke feelings of laughter, excitement, and lasting memories, and as a business owner, you know that operating an amusement park is no easy job. Given the diverse array of attractions and the ever-changing preferences of customers, this role entails a combination of expertise and innovation.

Your ticketing system is the backbone of this exciting world. In addition to permitting entry into your park, it also helps you manage crowds while ensuring smooth operations and visitor satisfaction.

Having a functional and up-to-date ticketing system is crucial for operating an amusement park. One can begin navigating these complexities by understanding these ticketing systems, including crucial features, upcoming advancements, and a comparison of the top providers. 


The Importance of Ticketing Systems for Amusement Parks

Why a ticketing system is important for an amusement park
Why a ticketing system is important for an amusement park

It goes without saying that groups of friends and families frequently visit amusement parks to escape from their daily routines. Longer queues and crowds surrounding the ticket booth have been common concerns in the past; however, with the implementation of ticketing systems, these concerns remain a thing of the past. 

Visitors can purchase tickets online or at self-service kiosks, allowing the line to continue moving. For example, some visitors may have questions or concerns at the gate, and these ticketing systems reduce the wait time for regular customers who want to enter the park. Shorter lines mean fewer crowds around the entrance, which allows visitors to enter and exit the park quickly. Additionally, kiosks minimize wait times at concession and merchandise stands, giving guests more time to enjoy the attractions.

Visitors with a great experience will likely return and recommend your park, generating more revenue from regular visitors and word-of-mouth. Of course, you can also save money because your park requires fewer employees at the gate for crowd control.

The Key Features to Look For

What features to look for in an amusement park ticketing system
What features to look for in an amusement park ticketing system

When searching for high-quality amusement park ticketing systems, several key features should be on your checklist.

  • Online ticketing: Allow customers the option of ordering tickets online, which places them in a separate line from those who are purchasing tickets at the park
  • Access control: Once your customers enter the line for online purchases, they can use website and mobile applications to scan their tickets through the validated barcode
  • Online discounts: By offering discounts for visitors who purchase their tickets online, an increase in sales will occur 
  • Add-ons: Look for a provider that provides add-ons and group discounts for special events, such as birthday parties or corporate events
  • Rentals: A provider offering rentals such as strollers, umbrellas, and water park lockers accommodates different types of visitors 
  • Flexible payments: In addition to using credit or debit cards, integrated gateways such as Apple Pay, Venmo, and PayPal provide safe, flexible payment options

The amusement park ticketing systems also benefit your employees, making their jobs easier and more efficient.

  • Dynamic pricing: Your employees can use the system to adjust the prices in real-time and as needed
  • Staff permissions: Staff only have login permissions for their assigned roles to eliminate confusion and boost operations
  • Inventory: Keep track of park inventory such as tickets, concessions, merchandise, and memberships
  • Mobile POS: Employees can allow customers to make mobile payments
  • Reports and analytics: Keep track of sales, attendance, redemptions, products, and other aspects of your park's revenue, allowing you to adjust and forecast based on insights

For a holistic approach, consider integrating with other park management systems. One example is using a multi-purpose platform that offers mobile tickets, point-of-sale, upsells, memberships, event booking, and flexible payments for seamless operations. 

The Benefits of Online Ticketing & Mobile Apps

How do online ticketing and mobile apps benefit an amusement park?
How do online ticketing and mobile apps benefit an amusement park?

With point-of-sale systems cementing their spot in the digital portion of the business world, online ticketing and mobile apps are a big part of amusement park ticketing systems. There are several benefits to ensuring online ticketing and mobile apps are part of your business strategy.

  • Quick ticket sales: Visitors can purchase tickets online through websites or mobile apps, allowing them to skip traditional lines at the park. Additionally, the system shows real-time availability to ensure parks are not overcrowded
  • Flexible payments: Visitors often gravitate toward attractions that offer various payment options. Online ticketing and mobile apps usually accept options such as credit, debit, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and gift cards
  • Online discounts: Discounts for tickets purchased through websites or mobile apps are a great way to increase revenue because many visitors make online purchases. Plus, most visitors will choose the option that allows them to save money
  • Add-ons: Visitors can quickly choose add-ons, such as special events and rentals, through online purchases. This allows them to customize their experience with just a few clicks rather than waiting in multiple lines
  • Enhanced visitor satisfaction: Perhaps the most significant advantage of all is enhanced visitor satisfaction. Visitors come to the amusement park to check out the attractions, not wait in line for long periods. The ability to bypass the long lines not only allows them to explore all the park has to offer but also encourages them to visit again

The trends in amusement park ticketing systems are evolving, which means most systems fit in a pro-digital, post-pandemic world.

  • Virtual queues: Virtual queues allow visitors to attend certain attractions and events at a specific time. For instance, visitors can make a reservation at an on-site restaurant or purchase tickets for a concert being held at the park through websites and mobile apps. Depending on what your park offers, visitors can also reserve a poolside cabana at the water park or a spot in line for certain rides with virtual queues
  • Contactless solutions: In an age where most people are conscious of bacteria, contactless solutions are becoming popular in frequently crowded spaces. Swiping a credit or debit card, paying through a mobile app, and optimizing pre-loaded cards and wristbands provide peace of mind to visitors
  • Personalized ticketing options: Many years ago, it took visits to several stands to personalize an experience. Now, amusement park ticketing systems allow visitors to customize their tickets through a website, mobile app, or self-serve kiosks, such as add-ons, rentals, and reservations
  • Quick and easy dynamic pricing: Changing the prices to fit in-season and off-season times, customer demand, and availability is a big part of running an amusement park. Most visitors access features and prices for parks online, and quickly changing the prices using a POS system is essential for smooth operations

You never know what trends will emerge, especially with the rising popularity of amusement park ticketing systems. Customers know what they want when visiting an attraction, and staying on top of these trends allows you to meet their needs and preferences. Therefore, keeping track of customer reports, keeping up with trends, and making changes accordingly to stay ahead of the competition is highly recommended.

Comparison of Top Amusement Park Ticketing Systems

While you can find a range of companies that offer amusement park ticketing systems, it is natural to want the best system for your park. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top four ticketing systems.

1. Korona POS

With a 4.3 out of 5 on Trustpilot and an A+ rating from the BBB, Korona POS is designed with scalability in mind, such as tracking and updating the inventory in your concession and merchandise stands as needed. With features such as membership options, mobile payments, and promotions and discounts, you are always prepared for future trends.

The company also offers several features to enhance the reliability of your ticketing system, including ID verification, cloud-based software, and the ability to use major payment processors. Korona's goal is to ensure all sensitive data is safe for both visitors and employees. 

Using Korona POS is a breeze with its intuitive design, employee management, time clock, and accounting integration. One example is setting specific access controls for each employee, allowing them only to access the information they need for their shift.

2. Aluvii POS

Aluvii POS is an all-in-one amusement park ticketing system, with scalability being a priority to ensure your park has a bright future. Your business will grow with customized tickets, access control, timed sessions, and even advanced rules based on the day's events.

This POS system is built on a cloud-based platform and hosted in a secure Microsoft data center. When you add a secure payment gateway for visitors, you can take comfort in knowing all sensitive information is safe. Furthermore, the app loads smoothly, offering a reliable experience for you and your employees. 

The app is easy to use, with built-in HR management, a time clock, and payroll reporting to keep track of your staff's needs. Use the platform to access and manage all aspects of your park, from tickets and inventory to memberships and digital waivers. The app itself features user-friendly navigation with illustrations and a responsive design.

3. Roller POS

The growth of your amusement park has never been easier than with Roller POS. Features include an online ticket system, concession sales, digital forms, guest check-in lists, and self-serve kiosks. You can also manage multiple attractions, bookings, purchases, and group capacities and adjust these aspects daily.

Managing your entire park on one platform allows you to save time by quickly accessing the information you need. It is also great for crowd control, allowing visitors to enter and exit the park, concessions, and shops. In addition, Roller offers secure payment processing, such as payment methods and chargebacks. 

The straightforward design makes Roller POS a user-friendly platform, with the ability to set specific times for events and bookings, view lists and forms, and manage multiple areas. All information is integrated into one platform for easy access and management.

4. IdealOne

IdealOne is considered the most versatile POS system for amusement parks, creating an all-in-one platform for managing ticket sales, cashless options, and event scheduling. Whether upgrading to contactless solutions, adding more prizes and snacks, or preparing for group events, your amusement park is ready for whatever the future brings.

Reliability is key to growing and maintaining your business, so the platform allows you to track all sales from a secure central database. Customers can also use a mobile app to manage their accounts and profiles, allowing them to never pull out their credit or debit cards. 

You can access everything, from on-site rentals and concessions to ticket sales and season passes. This allows you to serve guests and adjust prices as needed efficiently. Every section of the platform is easy to navigate, creating a user-friendly experience for both you and your employees.

Choosing the Best Provider for Your Business

When choosing an amusement park ticketing system, remember the key features. To recap, the following are a few features that are a must-have for your POS system:

  • Online Ticketing
  • Access Control
  • Flexible Payments
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Adds-Ons
  • Staff Permissions
  • Mobile POS
  • Reports and Analytics

It is necessary to ensure that the ticketing system you select is reliable and compatible with all aspects of your amusement park, such as managing birthday parties and season passes. As a business owner, staying on top of trends and choosing the right provider can enhance the customer experience while increasing revenue. 

For a better understanding of POS system providers, we recommend taking a look at our in-depth reviews and comparing providers. Additionally, our blog page offers a wealth of information about the POS systems industry. 

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