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We Will Transport It: Seamless Nationwide Auto Shipping

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We Will Transport It: Seamless Nationwide Auto Shipping

Updated on: June 11th, 2024

We Will Transport It is a Florida-based heavy load hauling and vehicle shipping company established in 2009. The company has gained a reputation as a reliable partner for both individuals and businesses needing to transport cars, trucks, golf carts, or heavy equipment across the United States. As a licensed and bonded organization, We Will Transport It is recognized for its commitment to quality service at competitive prices.

In recent years, the vehicle transportation industry has emerged as a practical solution for a variety of needs, both locally and internationally. Whether you are purchasing a vehicle from afar, relocating, or have other car transport needs, We Will Transport It provides a range of dependable and comprehensive solutions. The company prioritizes customer satisfaction, offering personalized service and a variety of transport options to accommodate different requirements.

To determine if We Will Transport It is the right choice for your vehicle shipping needs, continue reading to explore more about their services and how they can facilitate a smooth and hassle-free auto shipping experience.


Multiple shipping types
Door-to-door delivery
BBB accredited with an A+ rating
Insured and bonded carriers


No money-back guarantee
No email is available for customer support


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BBB Rating
Extra Insurance Coverage
Money-Back Guarantee
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We Will Transport It at a Glance

We Will Transport It was founded in 2009 in Florida, and they have established themselves as a leading auto transport services provider across the United States. From the company’s inception, they have aimed to deliver dependable, personalized, and efficient vehicle shipping solutions to a diverse clientele. They cater to people, small businesses, and large organizations, making sure every customer gets tailored services that meet their distinctive transportation needs. The company’s primary services include open and enclosed vehicle shipping, door-to-door auto transport, and specialized transportation for heavy equipment and oversized vehicles. The company is famous for its all-inclusive and user-friendly strategy, providing clients with transparent pricing, flexible scheduling alternatives, and real-time tracking. Their services are made to simplify the vehicle shipping process, offering peace of mind to customers whether they are purchasing a vehicle from a distance seller or moving across the country.

The company has a strong reputation in the auto transport industry and has received many accolades for their service excellence, such as positive reviews and high customer ratings. Also, the company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating, showing their dedication to ethical business credentials and customer satisfaction, including FMCSA and USDOT registration, further establishing their reliability and credibility in the market.

We Will Transport It Services & Options

We Will Transport It provides various transport services besides casual vehicle shipping. Here are some of their services:

  • Door-to-door auto transport: This service ensures that your car is picked up and delivered directly to the agreed-upon locations. It offers the utmost convenience and saves time, as it eliminates the need for you to drop off or pick up your vehicle at a terminal
  • Open vehicle shipping: A relatively less expensive and popular shipping method, open car transport entails transporting the car in an open vehicle trailer. Although it is open-air, it is safe and secure, suitable for most automobiles, especially in rainy weather
  • Enclosed vehicle shipping: For some exotic, luxury, or high-end vehicles, an enclosed vehicle transport service is a plus. Your car is loaded on a closed trailer that will protect it from weather, other traffic on the road, and dust, thus reaching your preferred location in good condition
  • Oversized vehicle and heavy equipment transport: Due to weight and size restrictions, it is necessary to employ a specialized carrier and equipment for hauling oversized vehicles and operating equipment. This service benefits construction equipment, big vehicles such as large trucks and tractors, and bulky items that will not fit in a standard moving trailer
  • Terminal-to-terminal shipping: This is a budget-friendly alternative where you drop off and pick up your vehicle at designated terminals. However, this service might be helpful if you are not picky with your timetable and reside close to the main shipping centers
  • Expedited shipping: Expedited shipping would serve customers who require urgent vehicle transport since the pickup and delivery pickup would be faster
  • Multi-car shipping: This method is also suitable if you need to ship numerous automobiles, as it is cheap and efficient. Since rates are calculated concurrently, shipping more than one car is affordable, especially for families or dealers in the business
  • Dealer-to-dealer transport: Specially designed for car dealerships, this service ensures the safe and timely transportation of vehicles from one dealer to another, optimizing delivery times. It facilitates precise inventory management and supports smooth business operations, enhancing overall efficiency and accountability
  • Military auto transport: This service provides individual bonuses and an open schedule related to military personnel's specific needs so they can use it during their long-distance transfers or combat missions
  • Snowbird transport: Designed for holidaymakers, this service facilitates the transportation of cars to warmer climates during the winter months. It offers convenience, flexibility, and freedom for individuals who split their time between multiple residences
  • Fifth-wheel transportation: Fifth-wheel trailer transport services enable customers to get safe and effective transportation services for their carriers. This service is excellent for those who own RVs, travel trailers, or mobile homes and are considerate about relocating them
  • Heavy haulers: We Will Transport It provides nationwide and international transport for your heavy haulers. Various types of trailers are utilized for shipping, including flatbed, extendable, and double-drop trailers. All drivers associated with the company are fully licensed, insured, and bonded, and possess a clean Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) spanning at least ten years, ensuring reliable and secure service

We Will Transport It Pricing

We Will Transport It utilizes a quote-based pricing model, a standard practice within the auto transportation industry. This method customizes prices based on each customer’s unique needs, taking into account factors like the desired delivery timeframe, the distance of transport, and the type of vehicle. Although specific prices are not listed on their website, you can easily obtain a quote for your vehicle’s transportation by entering your dates and vehicle details on their online platform. Alternatively, for more personalized service or additional inquiries, you are encouraged to contact the company directly by phone.

We Will Transport It Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Extensive experience in the industry: This approach enables the company to streamline its operations, as it often involves navigating complex auto transportation environments and adhering to diverse regulations. Consumers stand to benefit from this experience; companies that have been in the industry for a while have inevitably faced numerous challenges and obstacles. As a result, they are better prepared and well-equipped to ensure the timely delivery of vehicles
  • Wide network of carriers: This flexibility in transportation scheduling is ideal for providing multiple carrier options, which greatly benefits customers. With customizable rates and a higher likelihood of crafting an optimal transport solution, customers can more easily find the perfect fit for their specific shipping service needs
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage: The coverage includes comprehensive insurance for customers, instilling confidence and peace of mind, particularly during the transportation of their vehicles. This is especially reassuring for those shipping high-value or classic cars, as it addresses one of the primary concerns people have when transporting their vehicles: the risk of damage during transit
  • User-friendly online tracking system: They enhance customer experience by implementing a user-friendly tracking system that allows customers to monitor their vehicles’ movements in real-time. This transparency significantly alleviates the stress associated with uncertainty about the location and condition of their vehicle throughout different stages of transportation



  • Potential for delays due to external factors: The company may encounter challenges such as adverse weather conditions, traffic congestion, and regulatory changes, all of which can lead to delays. Such delays can be particularly frustrating for customers who may need to adjust their schedules to retrieve their vehicles, especially if they require their vehicle by a certain time or have other time-sensitive commitments. These logistical issues underscore the importance of effective communication and contingency planning to mitigate customer inconvenience
  • Higher costs for expedited services: Rapid delivery of products not only provides customers with quick access to services that are typically expensive, but it also poses challenges. For customers seeking fast delivery, the process can sometimes be lengthy, potentially increasing the total cost. This can be particularly disadvantageous for price-sensitive customers, as the higher expenses may not align with their budget constraints
  • Limited availability in remote areas: People residing in these areas may face difficulties with the service, meaning they may need to go to a more centralized location for delivery or change their car
  • Potential for additional fees: Customers may experience unexpected costs that could increase the services offered, leading to dissatisfaction

We Will Transport It Customer Experience

We Will Transport It has garnered various ratings across different platforms, mirroring a mixture of customer experiences. On the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the company holds an A+ and a 3.94 out of 5 rating, showing a strong track record of customer satisfaction and complaint resolution. Yelp users have given the company a score of 2 out of 5 stars, outlining positive customer experiences. Additionally, on Google Reviews, the company has received a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, showing overall satisfaction from many users.

Positive feedback

Customers frequently praise the company for their personalized care and attention to detail. Some reviews include the company's flexibility, noting their scheduling and route offering that sufficiently meets customers' needs. Another shared satisfaction arises from the fact that the company's personnel offer expert opinions to their customers, and clients remark on the competent and courteous services they get from the team during the transport process.

Critical feedback

Some customers have expressed concerns regarding financial management and unforeseen fees. These complaints highlight issues such as high costs and hidden charges, where customers find themselves only able to ascertain the true expenses after placing an order. Additionally, there are reports of communication challenges, with some customers experiencing delayed response times and inadequate follow-up from customer support.

Proactive approach

We Will Transport It is often praised as an efficient and reliable service despite various critiques. The company actively addresses customer complaints by taking corrective actions. If an issue isn’t resolved initially, the company responds with solutions, explanations, or apologies to show their commitment to customer satisfaction. By addressing concerns and providing solutions, they aim to rebuild trust and improve their services.

Customer Support

To contact We Will Transport It, call (305)-514–0081 or (888)—410–0076. You can also send inquiries or messages directly through their website's live chat.


We Will Transport It provides an all-inclusive auto transportation solution with distinctive features to meet the different needs of businesses across various industries. Focusing on efficiency and flexibility, their services seamlessly combine with various platforms, offering your business dependable transport alternatives tailored to particular needs. The company’s benefits lie in their extensive experience in the industry, a broad network of carriers, comprehensive insurance coverage, and a user-friendly online tracking system. These features set them apart from competitors, ensuring operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Although the company has received positive feedback, some clients have raised issues regarding fund handling, communication, and unexpected fees. Nevertheless, they take a proactive approach to addressing and resolving any issues raised, showing a dedication to enhancing customer experience. Personal preferences and business objectives are crucial in determining the company's suitability for each customer. By checking customer reviews and comparing alternatives, you can gain insights into the company’s performance and reliability, making knowledgeable decisions that align with your transportation requirements.

You are encouraged to explore our blogs for further research and insights into the auto transportation industry. We have also curated a comprehensive list of auto transportation companies, to help you make an informed decision. You can also utilize their comparison tools to evaluate features and characteristics.

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