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eShip Transport Review: Family Owned and Operated

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eShip Transport Review: Family Owned and Operated

eShip is a family-owned and operated auto transport service, committed to providing its clients extraordinary customer service to exceed their expectations every day. eShip Transport has established itself as one of the industry groundbreakers and leaders.


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About eShip Auto Transport

eShip is proud to be accredited with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau in addition to a five-star satisfaction rating from their customers. It offers a variety of auto transport services such as open and enclosed auto transport, motorcycle transport, RV, and boat transport.

eShip auto transport covers all of the 50 states, and they guarantee their ability to accommodate your vehicle from anywhere. You can get a free quote on their website by selecting the locations you want to transfer your vehicle to and from and the date of transfer or by calling them on their toll-free number, 800-906-6909.

How eShip Transport Works?

To get started, you will need to phone eShip and provide with them some information regarding the type of vehicle you need to transport. Then, a representative will provide you with a quote for the transport. eShip will not ask for payment until your booking is confirmed with an insured carrier. After that, the driver and carrier will stay in touch for real-time updates on your vehicle's journey.

eShip discloses its fees are not the cheapest, but it promises they are suitable for the quality carriers they work with.

eShip Transport Services

Open or Enclosed Auto Transport for Cars

There are two options for auto transporting cars, open and enclosed. The difference between the two lies in the type of trailer that carries the cars.

Open: Open auto transport is more common. Cars are transported in big, open car carrier trailers with no roof or sides; however, the cars are secured and locked in place.

Enclosed: As the name suggests, the trailer is covered from the sides and has a roof; it protects your car from the elements.

Benefits of open trailers:

  • Less expensive than closed transport
  • Faster transport

Expedited auto transport is also offered for clients who are in a rush to transport their vehicle for whatever reason, and fees may vary on this kind of transport. They will find the right carrier to make a special transport for your vehicle alone; fees, however, may vary.

Boat Transport

eShip provides boat transport services across these areas:

  • Midwest
  • Northeast
  • Southeast
  • Southwest
  • West
  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • Puerto Rico

Transport is available seven days a week, unlike other auto transport services. Expedited boat transport is also an option for faster boat shipping. eShip achieves fast shipping by arranging two drivers to work in shifts to avoid driver fatigue and decrease transit time.

Motorcycle Transport

eShip transports motorcycles in a similar fashion to cars in open and enclosed trailers. However, there are two types of enclosed motorcycle transport: The hard side with a hydraulic lift and the soft side with a regular ramp.

Hard side transport with hydraulic lift is more requested by clients for long-haul transport as it provides better protection when unloading. In addition, hydraulic lifts provide better protection than regular ramps.

Open motorcycle transport is more suitable for short distances, but vehicles are susceptible to being exposed to the elements. Open transport though can be slightly cheaper than enclosed transport. Expedited motorcycle transport is also available for time-sensitive transportations.

RV Transport

eShip provides high-quality RV transport and does not charge for deposit until a driver is sourced for your RV. They also offer a protection plan at no extra charge, which covers any damage to your RV during the transport even if you do not have it insured. In addition, if your delivery is more than 48 hours late, eShip offers up to $300 of a rental.

Household Moving Services

eShip has quite a reputation for maintaining high standards in their services, and their household moving services are no different. It has several movers within its networks that specialize in:

  • Local moves and deliveries
  • High-value or specialist items
  • Moving from state to state
  • Long-distance across the whole country
  • Transporting items only
  • Aid in box packing
  • On-site storage facilities

Military Auto Transport

eShip Transport is also dedicated to helping out members of the Military and their families as they can be called upon to move to a new location at any time. The Military typically covers the movement of one personal vehicle only. eShip offers a discounted price for families of military members vehicle and household relocation.

Transport discount is available for all active-duty Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guards, Veterans, Reserves, National Guard, and military dependents.

Classic Car Transport

If you have recently purchased a classic car and you need to take it home safely without a scratch, eShip promises to do just that. eShip has years of experience in transporting classic cars. Open, enclosed, and expedited transport are available for classic cars as well.

A specialized agent will be in constant contact with you to track your vehicle at all times.

eShip Platinum Protection Plan

eShip makes sure all drivers working them for are fully insured. Their protection plan includes:

Damage-Free Guarantee:

Every carrier eShip uses has comprehensive insurance, and if there's any damage to the vehicle during transport, they will cover the costs of repair.

Rental Reimbursement up to $300:

If your vehicle is more than 48 hours late, they will pay for car rental up to $300; weather disturbances or trailer breakdowns are not included in this coverage.

eShip Fees

eShip Transport's fees on average cost from $500 to $1000, and for long distances from $1000 to $1200 with a deposit of $100 or $200.

Its fees may not be the cheapest on the market, but they are worth the high-quality service; they may vary depending on the following variables:

  • Type of vehicle
  • If transport is open or enclosed
  • Overall distance
  • Date flexibility
  • Size and weight of your vehicle

Customer Service

eShip is available for contact on social media or through the telephone, or at their physical office.

Toll-free phone number: 800-906-6909

Office location:

7241 NW 43rd Ave

Coconut Creek, FL 33073

eShip also provides its services in Spanish.


eShip is a leader in the auto transport industry with an A+ rating from the BBB and also Consumer Affairs Accredited. It is a family-owned business that treats its customers just like family, and customer reviews prove it all. They provide a variety of auto transport services and protection plans that guarantee the safety of your vehicle and its delivery at the right time.

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