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Easy Auto Ship

Easy Auto Ship: Your Easiest Choice

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Easy Auto Ship: Your Easiest Choice

Easy Auto Ship is a well-established auto shipping company that offers its services to people across the 50 states. It has helped over 123,000 vehicles to customers inside the United States and across the world.

To decide whether Easy Auto Ship is the right shipping company for you, we have prepared this comprehensive review to analyze their services, prices, and everything else you might need to know. 


Competitive prices
Easy booking
Guaranteed pricing


Limited customer service

Quick Stats

10+ Years Experience
Average Open Transport Quote
BBB Rating
Extra Insurance Coverage
Money-back guarantee
Offers Door-to-door Pickup and Delivery Service

We will be completely honest with you; preparing this full review and analysis of Easy Auto Ship was quite an easy task to do, as it proved to be one of the best auto transport companies on the market, with almost no negative reviews at all.

This leads us to our first criterion: the multiple reviews and accreditations Easy Auto Ship has received.

Easy Auto Ship Accreditations

Easy Auto Ship has a list of accreditations and positive reviews from certified corporations and customers who have tried it. Below are the most important ones:

  1. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has accredited Easy Auto Ship; it has given it a rating of A+.
  2. Based on more than 690 customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau, Easy Auto Ship has a customer review score of 4.63 out of 5.0 stars.
  3. Easy Auto Ship has a 4.5 out of 5.0 stars on Google and 5.0 out of 5.0 stars on Transport Reviews.
  4. Easy Auto Ship has a 4.9 out of 5.0 stars on BirdEye. 
  5. Easy Auto Ship also has a customer review score of 4.2 out of 5.0 based on customer reviews on Trustpilot.

How Does Easy Auto Ship Work?


It is quite easy to book auto transportation at Easy Auto Ship. There are a few steps you need to follow:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to go to
  2. As shown in the photo above, you will find a few boxes to fill. The following is the info that you will need to provide:
    • Transport distance (from-to) by providing the zip code of the areas.
    • Transport type (open or enclosed).
    • Type of vehicle you want to transport (Car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, boat, golf cart, heavy equipment).
    • Year of your vehicle.
    • Make of your vehicle.
    • Model of your vehicle.
    • Whether your vehicle is operable or not. 
    • Your full name, email address, and phone number. 
  3. After providing the previous info, the cost will be calculated for you, and you will get a free instant online quote from one of the company's +10,000 insured professional carriers. You will not pay any upfront fees until after your vehicle is assigned to a carrier. Easy Auto Ship's logistics team will then search their vast network of carriers to find and assign you the best transporter according to your needs (your vehicle's make, model, year, distance, and desired shipping date).
  4. After finding the right carrier for you, you will be sent a notification with the details of the trucker and the shipping date. You will also be notified about the progress all throughout the process. 
  5. The last step is when the carrier drops your vehicle at your home or at the location you agreed on. You can then inspect your vehicle thoroughly to make sure no damage has been done; if everything is okay, you can then accept the delivery.

Easy Auto Ship - Services and Add-ons

Easy Auto Ship offers its services to clients all around the United States in the 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. It also offers international shipping. 

There are multiple types of vehicles that Easy Auto Ship offers to transport, including:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • RVs
  • Golf carts
  • Farm vehicles
  • Heavy equipment

One of the best things about Easy Auto Ship is their insurance; if your car happens to be damaged in any way during transport, the company and its carriers will provide at least $100,000 worth of insurance to cover the needed repairs. While the company encourages its clients to also have their own insurance, it is not a must. Customers who have tried shipping their vehicles with Easy Auto Ship have mentioned that this insurance is one of the best features the company offers.

Other services offered by Easy Auto Ship include the following:

  • Open and enclosed transport.
  • Expedited transport.
  • Door-to-door delivery.
  • Single-car shipping.

However, you must keep in mind that if you want to use any extra services you may have to pay up to 40 percent more for them.

If while shipping your car it takes longer than 14 days from pick-up due to weather, mechanical issues, and so, Easy Auto Shipp will pay for your rental. They will also offer you a free car wash and detail. 

Easy Auto Ship Costs

After comparing it to its competitors, Easy Auto Ship proved to have lower costs than other companies that offer the same quality of services. Below are all the costs according to the company's website:

  • For 1-500 miles, you will pay $1 per mile; if they ship your vehicle for 400 miles, you will pay $400.
  • For anything over 500 miles, you will pay 75 cents per mile; if they ship your vehicle for 900 miles, you will pay $675.
  • For anything over 1,000 miles, you will pay 60 cents per mile; if they ship your vehicle for 1,200 miles, you will pay $720.
  • For anything over 2,000 miles, you will pay 50 cents per mile; if they ship your vehicle for 2,400 miles, you will pay $1,200.
  • For anything over 2,500 miles, you will pay 40 cents per mile; if they ship your vehicle for 3,600 miles, you will pay $1,440.
Easy Auto Ship has a special discount for active and retired military members. It also offers discounts for shipping multiple cars at the same time. 

Customer Support

One downside of Easy Auto Ship is that it does not offer 24/7 customer support, unlike some other competitors. 

If you have any questions to their customer service staff about the progress of the shipping or regarding anything, you can contact them at (888) 687-3243 at the following times:

  • Monday - Friday from 8 am to 8 pm EST. 
  • Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm EST.
  • Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm EST.

You can also send them an email at [email protected] or submit a ticket at their official website on the "Contact Us" page. 

Easy Auto Ship also offers a live chat option for contacting their team. However, their agents are not available all the time, and nothing on the website mentions the hours of operation. 

Final Verdict

Easy Auto Ship is easily one of the best car shipping companies in the United States and internationally. Its prices are very competitive compared to the many services it offers. 

Easy Auto Ship's multiple accreditations and customer reviews show that it is to be trusted. So, you can put behind the hassle of moving your own vehicle and put your whole trust in Easy Auto Ship.

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