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A1 Auto Transport

A-1 Auto Transport Review: Are They Reliable?

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A-1 Auto Transport Review: Are They Reliable?

A-1 Auto Transport is a broker that connects its customers to reliable shipping companies. They work with a wide variety of vehicles like cars, motorcycles, RVs, trucks, boats, and different heavy equipment, shipping them both nationally across all 50 states and internationally. 


24/7 customer support
Transports vehicles outside the USA
Transports a wide variety of vehicles


Quote process is not accurate
Higher transport fees compared to other shipping companies
Your information can be shared with other transportation companies

Quick Stats

Price Range
BBB Rating
Extra Insurance Coverage
Money-Back Guarantee
Door-to-Door Option

About A-1 Auto Transport

A-1 Auto Transport is a broker that connects its customers to different shipping companies depending on the type of transport, vehicles, budget, and country. They operate in all 50 states and even ships vehicles to over 190 countries. 

They are headquartered in Aptos, California, and have been in business for the past decade. Since they started operating, they have shipped over two million vehicles.

In 2018, A-1 Auto Transport got accredited by the Better Business Bureau, BBB, and got an A rating. For the past three years, they have only received four complaints. 

How A-1 Auto Transport Works

1- Contact A-1 Auto Transport

To jump-start the process, you'll have to contact the company to get a quote. Then, a customer support agent will reach out to you and offer you estimated pricing for your vehicle's transportation.

2- Choose the price that fits you best

They are a broker, so they will offer you a number of different prices from multiple shipping companies. Once you agree on a price, the company will email you forms to sign. They will also grant you access to an online portal where you can make payments. 

3- Prepare your vehicle for transportation

The shipping process is easy. They will come to pick up your car based on a pre-arranged date and location and load it into a trailer. On the pick-up day, you have to be present to sign a few paperwork.

4. Recieve your vehicle on the other end

You will be provided with a GPS tracker to locate your vehicle at any time, and the company will constantly keep you updated on when the vehicle is estimated to arrive. On the delivery day, they will unload the car, and you will go through a quick checkup with the driver to assess the vehicle's condition. It's at simple as that!

A-1 Auto Transport Services 

  • Enclosed transport: If you don't want your vehicle exposed to the elements, this will be the best option for you, as it will be transported in a closed carrier. Enclosed transport will add a few hundred dollars to your total bill.
  • Open transport: Shipping your car in an open carrier is the most common vehicle shipping method since it is budget-friendly. For the whole duration of the trip, your car will be exposed to the elements at all times.
  • Door-to-door shipping: This method will ensure your car is picked up and dropped off as close as possible to your home. Some cities have restrictions on large carriers that might stop them from driving directly into residential areas; this is because they need a lot of room to maneuver and turn around, so if you live in a narrow street with tight turns, the driver will ask you to pick the vehicle up at the closest location to you.
  • International shipping: They are available in all 50 states, and they ship to over 190 countries.
  • Oversized shipping: Apart from the common car shipments, they transport oversized vehicles such as RVs and boats of any size.
  • Real-time tracking: Once your vehicle hits the road, you'll be able to track it in real-time. You can see how far your vehicle is from its destination.

  • Motorcycle shipping: They have a special category for transporting motorcycles; you can also choose to ship it both in an open or enclosed carrier.

A-1 Auto Transport Costs

The cost changes drastically depending on the destination, transport mode, vehicle, and season. 

To give you an idea of their prices:

For a car: 

Shipping departure and destination Mileage  price 
Ohio to Texas 1600 $700
Texas to Texas  650 $400
New Jersey to Orlando  3000 $1360
New York to Germany  3900 $1,400
Texas to Australia  9100 $2,100
Chicago to Costa Rica 3400 $4,200

For a motorcycle:

Shipping departure and destination Mileage Price
Florida to Colorado 2000 $750
Texas to New York 1600 $700
California to Florida 3000 $750
California to Nevada 270 $650

For heavy equipment:

Mileage Price
0-200 $4 - $5 per mile
200-500 $3.5 - $4 per mile 
500-1000 $3 - $3.50 per miles
1000-1500 $2.5 - $3 per miles
1500-2000 $2 - $2.5
2000-2500 $1.5 - $2
Over 2500 $1 - $1.5

A-1 Auto Transport Customer Support 

This auto transport company offers you 24/7 customer support both by phone and email, so you can contact them at any time. For general questions, you can go to their FAQs page to learn more about them. 

While being able to reach them at any time is great, there have been customer complaints about their agents, as some clients mentioned they could be unfriendly at times. However, it is not universal and depends on the person you get once you call. 


A-1 Auto Transport has dealt with over 2 million shipments, and they have been in the industry for more than a decade; this means they have connections with the best shipping companies available.

They are able to accommodate all types of vehicles and transport them with care anywhere in the world; their services surpass the 50 states.

The only downside is their quote system, as you will need to personally call an agent to get a close estimate on their prices. 


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