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A1 Auto Transport

A-1 Auto Transport: Reliability, Discounts, & More

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A-1 Auto Transport: Reliability, Discounts, & More

Updated: May 15, 2024

A-1 Auto Transport is a broker that connects customers to reliable car shipping companies. They are also a moving company that can help you move household goods. 

They work with vehicle transportation companies to ship a wide variety of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, RVs, trucks, boats, and heavy equipment, nationally across all 50 states and internationally. 

Our comprehensive review will help you discover the provider's services, discounts, and customer reviews, ultimately helping you make the best decision for yourself or your business.


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About A-1 Auto Transport

Established in 1989, A-1 Vehicle Transport provides nationwide vehicle transportation and related services. Depending on the client's transportation needs, cars, budget, and country, they link them with various transportation providers and operate as intermediaries.

With a worldwide reach of over 190 countries, they serve all 50 US states. The Aptos, California-based company has been around longer than any of their competitors in the area. Since their start, they have moved more than two million automobiles.

Are you moving and in possession of a vehicle? Do you want to save logistics expenses as a company? They will meet all of your requirements. By showcasing their dedication to providing first-class services, reasonable rates, and cutting-edge technology, this organization positions itself as a frontrunner in the industry of safe and dependable car transportation in the US and worldwide.

In 2018, A-1 Auto Transport was recognized and given a B+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Aside from that, they follow all regulations set down by the DOT, the FMCSA, and the AMSA.

What Are the Services They Offer?

  • Enclosed transport: If you want your vehicle to be placed in a closed carrier and thus protected from possible accidents, this might be the best means of transportation for you. The enclosed transport will increase your total bill by about 200 dollars
  • Open transport: The most common procedure for carriage vehicles is transporting your car on an open carrier. Unlike other methods, this one is quite budget-friendly, but your vehicle will be subject to weather conditions during the trip
  • Door-to-door shipping: This method involves picking up and dropping off your car as close to your home as possible. However, in some cities, restrictions on big carriers that have tight turns and need to drive far away from residences might prevent them from going directly into residential areas to avoid traffic jams
  • International shipping: They are present in all 50 states and deliver products to nearly 190 countries across the world
  • Oversized shipping: They ship regular cars as well as oversized vehicles such as RVs and boats of any size
  • Real-time tracking: Once your automobile is in motion, you can keep tabs on its whereabouts and distance from its destination using this feature
  • Motorcycle shipping: They have a dedicated area for motorcycles and provide both open and covered shipping options
  • Expedite services:  For customers in need, A-1 Auto Transport provides lightning-fast vehicle transportation services. Thanks to this option's high priority in the transportation field, your car will be delivered in record time
  • Transportation of several vehicles at once: They provide alternatives that can handle the massive demand for the timely export of many passenger automobiles. For dealerships or individuals with a fleet of classic cars that need to be sold, A-1 Auto Transport offers streamlined and affordable solutions for moving all your vehicles simultaneously
  • Extra offerings: Shipping home products is another way A-1 Auto Transport goes above and beyond to ensure client happiness. They provide shipping services all across the US, among other things. The foundation of any relocation is transportation, and this service helps exemplify the notion of a one-stop solution for both vehicles and household items

Costs & Pricing

The cost changes drastically depending on the destination, transport mode, vehicle, and season. Since they are only brokers, their prices are unclear, and it depends on the carrier that works with them. However, they estimate that for adjacent states, you are expected to pay $300; for cross-country transportation, you are expected to pay $1,500. There are additional fees for services such as expedited shipping and enclosed shipping. 

For the best deal, contact their sales representative and ask all the necessary questions about their main features and what are considered add-ons.

Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Online booking: Clients can just make car transport service arrangements through the online booking system of A-1 Auto Transport, which they can do from the comfort of their homes or workplaces
  • Mobile app: Upgrade your A-1 Auto Transport shipping experience with a ready-to-use app that ensures smooth operations. Get quick quotes, let the platform work for you in real time through car tracking, and ask any car-related questions
  • State availability: A-1 Auto Transport is a trusted choice for both domestic and international car shipping, covering all 50 states
  • Insurance coverage: Our policy ensures that, in the event of a loss, you won’t have to worry about the difference between the insured value and the replacement value because they use comprehensive cargo insurance
  • Enclosed and open options: They offer open transport options for vehicles covered during transportation and for customers who need an uncovered option. This allows them to provide safe and individualized shipping services for a wide range of cars
  • A wide variety of discounts: The A-1 Auto Transport company takes the initiative to make their services accessible and affordable to various consumer groups through multiple discounts. This list deals with seniors, the military, students, civil servants, healthcare providers, resellers, and others
  • Free shipping estimate: You can get a free quote from them, which will help you plan and budget for your automobile transfer without any surprises or hidden costs
  • Vehicle variety: This provider offers the option to transfer cars, motorbikes, recreational vehicles, trucks, heavy machinery, boats, and more
  • Extensive features: A-1 Auto Transport's broad range of features includes door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal shipping, GPS tracking, and professional services emphasizing quality customer support. These characteristics ensure that all customers have comfortable and trouble-free shipping

Although there may not be any visible drawbacks to their services, that does not necessarily mean that there are none. It is recommended that you conduct further research into their services and operations. When interacting with their sales representative, be sure to ask any questions or voice any concerns you may have to make the most informed decision for yourself.

Customer Reviews

This provider has a mixed variety of reviews, both positive and negative, across many trusted platforms. They have a 4.32 out of 5 customer rating on the BBB, and on Trustpilot, they have gained 3.9 out of 5-star ratings from 48 reviews. On Yelp, their rating is 1.4 out of 5 out of 74 reviews. 

People have left lots of good reviews about A-1 Auto Transport, praising the company for their reliability, excellent service, timeliness, and attention to detail, which gave them peace of mind when transporting their vehicles. This organization considers customer service the top priority, and many customers have expressed their contentment with the positive and responsive personalities of the personnel and shippers of the company. Customers have complimented the company's communication skills, mentioning how they kept them informed about the shipment status of their automobiles.

While being able to reach them at any time is excellent, there have been customer complaints about their agents, as some clients mentioned they could be unfriendly at times; a consumer complained that the business abruptly ended their call when they called to ask about foreign shipping. One issue that some consumers have encountered is a lack of clarity or openness regarding the shipping procedure, particularly when it comes to predicted travel times and charges. Customers have complained about delivery delays, which have added unnecessary expenses (such as rental vehicle fees) and caused frustration.

The business conveys remorse for the unhappy experience in response to consumer concerns. When it comes to complaints about excessive calling from their sales team, they stress that their terms of service and privacy policy are readily available on their website and that there are also explicit instructions on how to opt-out before they collect any personal information.

In addition, they make it clear that they are a platform that generates leads for vehicle transport services, emphasizing their dedication to helping users connect with reliable businesses. The business promises to respond quickly to requests to remove information in response to particular complaints, such as unsolicited calls.

It’s important to note that the quality of service you receive when you call may vary and depends on the person who attends to or transports your vehicle. It’s very important to ensure that the carriers they put you in contact with are reliable and compliant. Read more about the provider and the companies they work with. Get in touch with previous or current customers to better understand the quality of their services. 

Customer Service

This auto transport company offers 24/7 customer support by phone at 1-888-230-9116 and email at so you can contact them anytime. For general questions and information, you can visit their FAQ page to learn more about them.


To sum up, A-1 Auto Transport is the bridge that connects customers with the best car shipping companies. They offer a wide range of transportation services for different types of vehicles, both in the United States and abroad. Founded in 1989, they have been known for their consistent services and solid industry background. 

The company has survived with a vast partner network and comprehensive service coverage. These brokers' pricing models are opaque, presenting customers with choices like open shipping, door-to-door service, and real-time tracking.

Consequently, even though customers’ reviews of the company are varied, with some praising them for timely deliveries and quality service while others worry about communication issues and delays, the firm remains determined to solve the customers’ problems with an immediate response and win their satisfaction.

Customers are advised to do some research and ask for clarifications before making any decision on any service. These services are free and available around the clock to help. If you want to move your vehicle and want to learn more about auto transport services, visit our website; we offer in-depth reviews of different auto transport providers, a unique comparison tool, and diverse blog posts.

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