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  • Doesn’t require a minimum credit score
  • Prequalification is valid for 45 days, giving the borrower enough time to decide
  • Carvana prequalification doesn’t affect credit score
  • Used cars are in great condition and meet Carvana’s high standards
  • Cars delivered as soon as the next day
  • Requires no current bankruptcies
  • Monthly income must be $833 or above
  • The interest rate can get high for poor credit score
  • Vehicle selection is limited to Carvana’s own inventory of used vehicles
Selling Points
  • Extensive inventory with more than 20,000 vehicles to choose from
  • Flexible and multiple financing options
  • Doesn't require minimum credit score
Available Car Options
  • Undisclosed
Customer Support
  • Articles and Videos
  • Undisclosed
  • Email Support
  • Undisclosed
  • Undisclosed
    Help Guides
  • Live Chat
  • Undisclosed
  • Phone Support
Eligibility (Credit Score)
  • Accepts all Credit Types
  • Undisclosed
    Doesn't Cover Bad Credit
  • APRs (Annual Percentage Rate) Vary
  • Mobile Application
  • Undisclosed
    Requires Minimum Credit Score
  • Test Drive
Money-Back Guarantee
  • Undisclosed
Multiple Financing Options
  • Lease Buyout
  • Undisclosed
    New Auto
  • Undisclosed
    Private Party
  • Refinance
  • Used Auto
Payment Options
  • Automatic Payments (ACH Transactions)
  • Undisclosed
  • Cash Payments
  • Undisclosed
    Debit or Credit cards
  • Undisclosed
    Mailed Payments
  • Undisclosed
    Major Credit Cards
  • Undisclosed
    Extended Warranty
  • GAP Insurance
  • Limited Warranty
  • Return Policy
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