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Best Adblock Apps and Extensions

Best Adblock Apps and Extensions Best Adblock Apps and Extensions

There are moments in life when you're enjoying your time and having fun when something pops up and starts annoying you, two of the worst things you can encounter while enjoying your time are mosquitos and ads. Good luck with the first one; as for how to block ads and enjoy your time, we've got your back! This article will go over the best adblock apps out there and some of the apps that can provide multifunction.

Why do Websites Have So Many Ads?

The reason websites often have ads is that it's the easiest go-to method to start making money on your website, whether it's from ad sense or other ad networks. However, it's another issue when they go overboard and start negatively influence the user experience. 

In some instances, some hackers can embed these ads with viruses that can hack users and gain information on them.

Ever since the concept of cryptocurrencies and mining boomed out, some adware started utilizing crypto mining using ads, which can negatively influence your resources.

Best Adblock Apps List

When choosing which service is the best at ad-blocking, we need to consider a few things to rank them. Our ranking process took into account the first is how effective it is as an ad-blocker first and foremost.

Our second adblock ranking criteria concerns the extra features the adblocker can provide its users, like our top pick CyberGhost, which doubles as an IP proxy VPN extension tool.

Next is how easy it was to use, are there any complications navigating the settings of the app, as a positive user experience is one of the main goals of using an ad-blocker.

Our list of the best adblock apps include:

1. CyberGhost extension

CyberGhost doubles as both a VPN and an ad-blocker. It even goes further beyond with its connect features to provide users with many features, including:

  • An ad-blocker feature to Improve your Internet experience by filtering annoying ads. This allows Web pages to load faster and read better. In addition, it adds to your online security since ad networks can distribute malware.
  • CyberGhost can also help with mobile data connections since by removing ads; there will be fewer data to transfer and fewer data to process. Hence saving money and battery power.


  • CyberGhost provides data compression to compress images, videos, and web content, making your page loading speed higher and saving your mobile data when going around.
  • Protection against malicious websites by detecting and blocking potentially dangerous websites. Thus increasing your internet security.
  • Prevent online tracking, including monitoring, recording, and analysis of your web-surfing behaviors. Many companies implement online tracking, including Google and Facebook, which is usually to customize your ads.

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2. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is an iconic and famous adblocker software, with a free and premium version available. Adblock Plus can do the job really well. It has many amazing features that include the ability to block Youtube ads. It was more than able to block ads on many of the websites we tested it on. And its use was fairly easy.

In a nutshell, Adblock Plus can help you with:

  • Blocking Youtube video ads and banners.
  • Blocking pop-ups.
  • Stoping tracking and giving yourself more privacy.
  • Fight off destructive malvertising that can hide in ads.
  • Faster browsing (since ads are blocked from loading).
  • Whitelisting feature for favorite sites.
  • Free support.

4. Windscribe R.O.B.E.R.T

Windscribe is another example of a VPN with a great adblocker feature, which provides you greater overall protection relative to stand-alone adblockers.

With the R.O.B.E.R.T feature in your hands, you can manage your blocklist, customize it by choosing which IPs and domains you want to access and which you want to block. 

Sometimes it feels like all you want is to watch a movie or download a song without stumbling with a bevy of ads and pop-ups. R.O.B.E.R.T is what you need here.

When you choose what to block and what to access, you can reduce the number of uninvited ads and catch any sneaky malware. Also, blocking websites with ads and trackers boosts your device and runs it faster without any obstructions.

Windscribe R.O.B.E.R.T is easy to use and was able to block ads coming our way without any problems. If you believe you need a VPN with an adblocker service, then this might be the product for you.

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3. Adblock

Adblock (not to be confused with Adblock Plus) is another great choice you can go for. In terms of blocking ads, it didn't fail at all; blocking the ad pop-ups from our list of ad-ware infested websites list, and its user-friendliness wasn't bad either; it is very easily customizable.

Adblock features can be summarized with:

  • Blocks ads on all mainstream websites, including on YouTube (Video ads included), Facebook, Twitch, and more.
  • Block third-party trackers, protecting your privacy.
  • Blocking ads with malicious ads, and scams, providing you internet safety.
  • Prevent ads with cryptocurrency mining.
  • Improve page load times by preventing ads media from loading, providing a faster Internet experience.
  • Customizable experience with options for filters, whitelists for websites you want, a dark mode, and other themes.
  • Backup and sync your whitelists and custom adblocking rules across your Chrome profiles.
  • Enjoy custom adblocking by replacing some ads with pictures of cats, dogs, and landscapes.
  • Get fast, friendly support from the AdBlock team, plus a robust Help Center.

5. Avira Adblocker

Avira is one of the most well-known antiviruses out there. Their antivirus product achieves high scores across various third-party testing labs, proving how robust it is and how Avira's team is dedicated to providing users with the best protection online and offline possible.

With their Antivirus plan, you can find an adblocker extension add-on that is extremely user-friendly, easy to use, and effective at blocking ads. In our experiment with Avira's ad-blocking capabilities, there were no adware or pop-ups at all while browsing the internet.

Avira being an antivirus product means they can synergies their online protection very well with the adware blocking ability grating extra levels of safety. If you find yourself in need of both an antivirus and an adblocker at the same time, then Avira might be the product for you.

Avira's adblocker features summarized include:

  • Blocking annoying and malicious ads.
  • Stoping malicious and phishing websites for a safe online environment.
  • Prevents online tracking from websites and social media.
  • Prevents browser hijacking.
  • Detects and scans unwanted apps in your downloads that might be harmful.
  • Ensures better prices by preventing online shops from tracking and viewing your search history.
  • It prevents unwanted media from loading, increasing your online surfing speed.

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6. TotalAV Adblock Pro

TotalAV's Adblock Pro is another tool you can use that is very helpful and can provide you the ease of mind you want to enjoy your online experience. If you find yourself in need of antivirus and an adblocker, then this is the product of choice for you.

TotalAV Adblock Pro can effectively and efficiently block adware online, providing you with more surfing speed with fewer media to load.

In addition to protecting you from possible malicious ads that can be infested with viruses, having an antivirus along with an adblocker is great, as it points out any malicious links, has antiphishing protection and provides you with safe online banking.

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