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G Data Antivirus Full Review: Guard Your Data

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G Data Antivirus Guard Your Data

G Data Antivirus Full Review: Guard Your DataG Data Antivirus Full Review: Guard Your Data


Excellent third party test results based on two different labs
Good basic bundle features
Flexible license support (Years and device number)


Firewall not available in the basic bundle
Lacks some extra features provided by top competitors

Quick Stats

Free Version
Included VPN
Not available
Money-back guarantee
30 Days
Price (1-year subscription)
Security Level

Founded in Bochum, Germany, G Data CyberDefense AG is a rapidly expanding software company. It is one of the oldest cybersecurity pioneers in the world. It specializes in internet security and is a pioneer in the field of virus protection. Today the company provides several premier security solutions ranging from home users to large-sized businesses.

Is G Data the antivirus for you? This article will discuss the plans, features, prices, pros and cons to help you decide on whether this is the antivirus for you or not.

G Data Security and Protection


In regards to antivirus security, how should an antivirus protection assessment be measured? Do we simply take the words of the AV creator for their own program? The best way to assess an antivirus on its functionality is by using a third-party antivirus testing lab.

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1. Third-party lab test results

Third-party testing labs are experts with well-constructed criteria and testing methods for testing AV products, providing an unbiased opinion on product security.

G Data scores high on protection according to three different third-party testing labs:


  • AV-Test scores

    • G Data antivirus gets a 6/6 score on its ability to detect malicious ware.
    • G Data antivirus scores 6/6 in the impact on device performance department, which means it won't take up your device's resources.
    • G Data antivirus has a low false-positive rate with a 6/6 usability score. This means it's unlikely to mistake regular files for harmful ones.

This adds up to a total score of a perfect 18/18, according to the AV-Test lab.



  • AV-Comparatives

    • G Data antivirus scores 3/3 stars (Advanced +) in the impact on device performance department, which means it won't take up your device's resources.
    • G Data antivirus has a Real-World Protection Test with a 3/3 stars (Advanced +) real-world protection score. According to a test conducted with 758 domains/files, this score checks the rate of detection of malicious files and domains.
      • G Data had 10 false positives (False alarms), with the industry average in the test being 17. While successfully blocking 99.6% of threats.
    • Malware protection test: G Data antivirus has a 3/3 (Advanced +) score regarding malware detection. This was done by testing 10102 test cases with a 100% detection and block, with six false positives.
    • Malware removal test: G Data antivirus has a 2/3 (Advanced) score regarding malware removal. This test checks the ability of antivirus to remove malware that has already infected a PC.
      • Out of 11 test cases, G Data scored a 73 out of a 100, with the baseline being 83.
Proper real-world protection takes into account how well an antivirus blocks threats and can differentiate between threats and none threats.




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  • SE Labs

There were no test results regarding G Data antivirus in SE Labs' latest tests. Still, two other labs tested the product, and we can say that G Data's rates were pretty good in both.

SE Labs rank products from AAA being the highest score, AA (Intermediate), and B (Lowest score).

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2. Firewall and IDS protection

Firewall protection is easily customizable regarding how strict you want your security settings.



Firewall protection is available on G Data Internet Security and Total Security plans only.


Plans and Features

G Data provides three different plans for users: G Data Antivirus, G Data Internet Security, and G Data Total Security.

1. G Data Antivirus

Despite being the basic plan, G Data Antivirus provides more than simple antivirus protection to its users, with anti-ransomware protection and behavior-based protection. Its features include:

  • E-mail scanning to protect you from suspicious e-mails and attachments before it's too late. 
  • G Data Antivirus provides BankGuard Protection for secure online payments. 
  • USB Keyboard Guard is provided to protect your device from manipulated USB devices pretending to be keyboards.

This plan is compatible with Windows only.

Pricing wise this plan costs $29.95/year for 1 device up to $99.95/year for 10 devices.

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2. G Data Internet Security


This increases the previous plan features to includes:

  • Firewall protection to help you monitor all incoming and outgoing connections for better security against hackers and spyware.
  • Anti-spam protection protects you from phishing e-mails and keeps your mailbox clean by checking every file that comes from the web. This stops infected files while being downloaded.
  • Cloud-backup helps automatically store your data in an encrypted format using Dropbox or Google Drive to ensure your files are safe.
  • Parental control allows worried parents to monitor and limit their children's internet usage by allowing them to set specific times and blacklist unwanted websites.

Besides the Signature Scan, G Data implements the Cloud Solution. The properties of current files that contain malware are stored in this online memory. These properties are compared with those in your files – to quickly find out if a file is safe.

This plan is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

When it comes to pricing, it starts from $39.95/year fora one device up to $111.95/year for ten devices.

3. G Data Total Security

In addition to the features provided by the Internet Security plan, Total Security takes it further, providing more for your comfort, including:

  • Password Manager lets you store your passwords and payment options in an encrypted format for later use by using one master password. Not only does a password manager helps you save passwords, but it also helps create them and ensure they are of appropriate strength.
  • Encryption allows you to encrypt your important files and sensitive documents and pictures to make sure even if they are hacked, the hacker won't be able to use them without the decipher key/password. This also works with external devices such as USB drives.

This plan costs $49.95/year for one device up to $121.95/year for ten devices.

This plan is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

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Android & iOS

G Data provides protection for Android in the form of antivirus scanning protecting you from malicious ware, phishing protection to protect you from phishing sites, and anti-theft protection allowing you to track your device in the event it is lost and even allows you to delete your device's content.

A very common practice by smartphone companies is updating their devices with software that overloads older phones to make customers buy newer phones. Some people avoid updating all altogether to avoid the lag. This results in security risks, which are often patched with updates.

G Data protects iOS in the form of security analysis, which can be helpful for second handphones. Phishing protection protects you from malicious websites. The localizer helps users locate their device while preventing others from tracking you. Alert tone helps you find your device even if set on silent.

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Banking protection

How do hackers get to your data?

When attempting online payment, your data is encrypted with the HTTPS format. The decryption of the data transfer takes place in your browser when you pay online. Banking trojans infiltrate this process; as soon as you carry out a transfer, the attackers manipulate the data being sent. Your money, instead of going to the intended recipient, goes to a different one.

Wouldn't scanning these trojans work just fine?

While scanning and removing trojans is one way to deactivate this process, some trojans which are new might not be registered in the antivirus databases. As their signature is still unknown, they can go undetected.

How does BankGuard help me?

BankGuard detects attempts of alterations in the RAM (random access memory), which is the target of banking trojans' alterations. Hence it changes the affected part of the RAM with a safe copy.

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User Experience

The user interface is user-friendly can be handled easily, with green arrows next to each sub-section. Clicking on these green arrows allows you to customize the settings to your taste.



Customer support

Customer support is available for users in the form of a help center with a Q&A formulation, along with a 24/7 hotline call center for assistance.

Pricing and Payments

G Data provides a very customizable plan structure, with the possibility to add the number of devices up to 10 devices and the years up to 3 years. The following table provides the prices according to plan, year, and number of devices:

Plans G Data Antivirus G Data Internet Security G Data Total Security
One device $29.95/1 year
$54.95/2 years
$79.95/3 years
$39.95/1 year
$69.95/2 years
$99.95/3 years
$49.95/1 year
$89.95/2 years
$129.95/3 years
Two devices $34.95/1 year
$64.95/2 years
$94.95/3 years
$47.95/1 year
$84.95/2 years
$122.95/3 years
$57.95/1 year
$104.95/2 years
$152.95/3 years
Three devices

$39.95/1 year
$74.95/2 years
$109.95/3 years

$55.95/ 1year
$99.95/ 2years
$145.95/ 3years
$65.95/1 year
$119.95/2 years
$175.95/3 years
Four devices $44.95/1 year
$84.95/2 years
$124.95/3 years
$63.95/1 year
$114.95/2 years
$168.95/3 years
$73.95/1 year
$134.95/2 years
$198.95/3 years
Five devices $49.95/1 year
$94.95/2 years
$139.95/3 years
$71.95/1 year
$129.95/2 years
$191.95/3 years
$81.95/1 year
$149.95/2 years
$221.95/3 years
Six devices $79.95/1 year
$149.95/2 years
$219.95/3 years
$79.95/1 year
$144.95/2 years
$214.95/3 years
$89.95/1 year
$164.95/2 years
$244.95/3 years
Seven devices $84.95/1 year
$159.95/2 years
$234.95/3 years
$87.95/1 year
$159.39/2 years
$237.95/3 years
$97.95/1 year
$179.95/2 years
$267.95/3 years
Eight devices $89.95/1 year
$169.95/2 years
$249.95/3 years
$95.95/1 year
$174.95/2 years
$260.95/3 years
$105.95/1 year
$194.95/2 years
$290.95/3 years
Nine devices $94.95/1 year
$179.95/2 years
$264.95/3 years
$103.95/1 year
$189.95/2 years
$283.95/3 years
$113.95/1 year
$209.95/2 years
$313.95/3 years
Ten devices $99.95/1 year
$189.95/2 years
$279.95/3 years
$111.95/1 year
$204.95/2 years
$306.95/3 years
$121.95/1 year
$224.95/2 years
$336.95/3 years

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Money-back guarantee

G Data provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for you to try out their product before making your choice.

Payment methods

  • Major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard).
  • PayPal.


Final Verdict

G Data is a well-known antivirus company in Europe with more than 35 years of cybersecurity experience. G Data's essential bundle (G Data Antivirus plan) provides more than a basic bundle typically does, and for a fair price. 

Its downfall is it's only exclusive for Windows. Their third-party lab tests show good results. If you have a single Windows device, G Data could be the antivirus for you. Otherwise, I would recommend other vendors, such as Norton or Bitdefender.



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