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Best Favicon Generators: Brand Your Website

Best Favicon Generators: Brand Your WebsiteBest Favicon Generators: Brand Your Website


Want to brand your website and make it remarkable? Along with all marketing strategies, you will need to pay attention to the small details that make your website stand out among all others. One of the ways is to use a catchy favicon.

What Is a Favicon?

If you're not familiar with the word, we will explain it further. A favicon is a very small image that appears at the top of your browser that remarks each web page and helps you easily swift between websites' tabs when you're using multiple websites simultaneously.

Some examples are the envelope for Gmail, the W letter for Wikipedia, the play sign in a red rectangle for Youtube, the F letter in a blue square for Facebook, and so on.

Most web browsers use 16×16 pixel image, but it could be generated in other sizes, considering that it appears in other places when visitors bookmark your website or make a shortcut.

Any other reasons to use it?

Using one makes your website look more professional and well-designed. Also, they are more recognized than texts, which will serve your brand even better than your website's name.

What about your website's visits? Having a remarkable and easily recognized favicon will bring more traffic to your website. Let's say people bookmark your website to navigate it later; a distinguishable one will make it easier to spot it out immediately among a long list.

Is using a generator necessary? Well, once you're not s designer and want a specialist to make it all done for you, then a generator is essential. The good news is that there are tons of options to help you get special and exceptional types.

If you are not overwhelmed with plenty of options, we will list the best generators for you. Let's dig deeper.

The Best Generators

We made sure to choose generators that are user-friendly, easily edited, high-quality icons, customized images, and customer support if needed to answer your questions.


It offers a free generator plus other services, including logo generator and favicon converter. You can generate your favicon using images, texts, and emojis in a straightforward and easy generating process.

You can choose from more than 800 fonts for your text, the background color and shape, and the font size. It is is a high-quality image on all browsers and multiple platforms with It did not also forget about offering comprehensive and easy tutorials on installing and making a favicon.



If you have 5 minutes of your day, you can get your favicon done with with various options when it comes to font, color, design, and background. It will work on almost all browsers and multiple platforms like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Google Explorer, Microsoft Edge, iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

You can try with a demo, all you need is to submit an image (PNG, JPG, SVG, etc), and 70x70 sized at least. If you need any assistance, has FAQs and blogs on their website to help you out with your questions.



It offers more than 43.000 instant templates for mockups, videos, logos, designs, intros, and more. There are so many options to generate your favicon as you wish regarding color, frame, background, and all other tiny details. If you don't have a good idea about the best design for your website's favicon, take a look at the top-rated and latest favicons.



This is a quick and easy favicon generator; it will take you few minutes to get it all done, especially with the tools offered by like the brush, pencil, type, eyedropper, paint bucket, eraser, geometrical shapes like rectangle, circle, and square shapes. There is also a wide range of options for colors. Your favicon is also available in different sizes like 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, and 64x64.


5. IONOS 1&1

Create a free and professional favicon with IONOS 1&1; you can choose to design the favicon from scratch in a 16x16 space or upload an image and choose to automatically generate it. IONOS 1&1 allows you to preview the favicon and how it will look on your website.

You will get better results if you uploaded an image that speaks for your business, like a logo. Files and formats created by the Generator are compatible with and support all browsers' individual specifications, including Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari.

IONOS 1&1 provides many other services like online stores, a free domain name, email hosting, website builder, and WordPress hosting (Shared and professional).

Click here to get it for free!


How to Download it on Your Website?

You must be wondering about the next step after generating your favicon; you can add your favicon to one of your websites in few simple steps. We'll show you in detail using Weebly. However, the same steps are applied to all other website builders.

How to add a favicon to Weebly:

  • From the dashboard, go to the settings.
  • Scroll down to the "Favicon" tab.
  • Click on the "Upload" button on the right side.
  • Choose the image you have previously generated and saved.
  • Click Okay, and refresh the website to it at the top of your browser.

Choose a website builder that makes it easy for you to set up and design; that's one reason why we chose Weebly. It has a user-friendly dashboard and plenty of building tools to build with ease. You won't put much effort into adding your favicon as well.

Sell online for free with Weebly

Check out our Weebly full review and find out everything you need to know about it.




Make your website remarkable among all other websites with a well-designed and easy-to-remember favicon; it will help your website's visitors to find it among multiple tabs. Get yours now without paying a penny with our suggestions.

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