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Speedtest VPN

Speedtest VPN: How Good Is It?

Speedtest VPN: How Good Is It?Speedtest VPN: How Good Is It?


​You probably have heard of Ookla's Speed Test application where it gives you stats about your internet speed, ping, and upload speed. Did you know, though, that it also offers a VPN service called Speedtest VPN?



This section takes a look at Speedtest VPN's speed, the number of servers and their geographic distribution, and finally, its fastest available protocol.


After testing Speedtest VPN ourselves, we have seen underwhelming results as the internet speed has drastically dropped by about 60%, and the ping has skyrocketed.


The number of servers Speedtest VPN has and their distributions are not known as it does not allow you to pick a server yourself, but it promises it connects you to the nearest and best service available.

Fastest Protocol:

OpenVPN. Well, it is the only protocol available on Speedtest VPN. OpenVPN is known for its tight security but barely the fastest one ever developed.


Security and Privacy

When it comes to VPNs, their top features should be their security and privacy. A few privacy measures should be taken into consideration when talking about VPN security, such as the based country, protocols available, ram-based servers, warrant canary, and logs policy.

Speedtest VPN, unfortunately, does not hold a candle to other VPNs like NordVPN, or CyberGhost, and many others when it comes to those measures. Let us demonstrate why.

1. Encryption and protocols

Speedtest VPN claims to have AES-256-bit encryption on its servers, which is the securest available standard that many top VPNs have. 

As for protocols, however, Speedtest VPN only has OpenVPN, which is known to be stable and secure but hardly the fastest protocol available.

2. Logs policy

Speedtest VPN does not have a no-log policy as it collects some information about its users and their activity.

3. Kill switch

Speedtest VPN does not have the kill switch feature, which puts its users at risk of leaking their IP addresses if the VPN connection suddenly drops.

A functioning kill switch would sever the internet connection and redirect the user to a working VPN connection. Then, it would reconnect the user to the internet. This way, they would still be protected from prying eyes.

4. RAM-based servers

Speedtest VPN does not have RAM-based servers, which means data is stored on physical SSDs that probably do not get wiped.

5. Based country

Speedtest VPN is based in the United States, which makes it part of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance. Countries in the alliance are known to spy on their citizens and their online activity. As a result, VPNs in those countries also have a legal obligation to share user data if they were asked for them.

6. Warrant canary

Speedtest VPN does not have a warrant canary.

A warrant canary is an indirect way for VPNs to tell their users if the government has requested their data or not. If a VPN has a warrant canary and it does not appear on their homepage, it means that they were asked for user data.

Speedtest VPN in Practice

1. Streaming

Since Speedtest VPN has relatively slow speeds, it is not suitable for streaming of any kind. You will probably be experiencing long buffers and lags. For a better streaming experience, we recommend you try CyberGhost, it has dedicated streaming servers that are optimized to give you the best experience.

2. Torrent

The same goes for torrenting, Speedtest VPN download speeds are too slow for torrenting content, and they do not have dedicated torrenting servers or any servers that you can choose from.

3. Gaming

Our speed test with Speedtest VPN has shown a high rising Ping when connecting to it. So gaming would not be preferable with Speedtest VPN.

4. Dedicated IP servers

Speedtest VPN does not offer any dedicated servers.

A dedicated server is a server assigned solely for your use, meaning you don't share an IP with others. A dedicated IP isn't something that is necessarily better than a shared IP. Whether you need a dedicated IP or not depends on your requirements.

  • Business security
  • Secure online payment 
  • Avoid getting blacklisted 
  • Avoid CAPTCHAs 

5. Geo-censorship bypass (obfuscation)

Our tests have shown that it does not bypass geo-censorship like any VPN is supposed to.


Server locations

Server locations and numbers are not known. 

Speedtest VPN does not have any features most VPNs on the market have, which makes a less reliable and recommended VPN. 

Device Compatibility

Unlike other VPNs, Speedtest VPN is also not compatible with major platforms or operating systems. It is only supported on Android on the SpeedTest application.

User Experience

The user experience is fundamental and lacking in any interesting features. Their user interface is just a toggle button to enable the VPN.

Customer support

The only customer support available is a ticketing system through SpeedTest's official website. This means you will not get a fast reply if you run into any problems while using it.


There is a free version, which bombards the user with advertisements and provides only 2GB of data over VPN.

The premium version costs $4.99 a month, and only removes advertisements, and gives users unlimited data and bandwidth.

Most VPNs offer more features when upgrading to their premium versions; the same cannot be said for Speedtest VPN.

Final Words

To sum it all up, Speedtest VPN is a very basic VPN that lacks all features you would expect in a VPN. Its premium version only removes advertisements and gives you unlimited data over VPN, which is not much.

Speedtest VPN is not the best for streaming or torrenting either, as internet speed dramatically drops and there are no servers that you can choose from.


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