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Protonvpn Free Trial

ProtonVPN Free Trial: All You Need to Know

ProtonVPN Free Trial: All You Need to KnowProtonVPN Free Trial: All You Need to Know


ProtonVPN was brought to the market 3 years after the company's former product, ProtonMail, which was a milestone in the world of privacy. It helped many users to share information and communicate privately without the fear of getting arrested or monitored by authorities or third parties. ProtonVPN doesn't have a long history in the field. Yet, many people are heading off to the service every day, thanks to its commitment to providing high-quality features and pay much attention to security issues. In our blog, we'll walk you through ProtonVPN free trial and put it in comparison with the free version to find out which one works for you the best.


ProtonVPN Free Trail vs Free Version

Even though there is a clear difference between ProtonVPN free trial and the free version, many people still can't really spot out the major differences. So here is what you need to know.

ProtonVPN free trial is only available for the subscribers of Proton's Plus, which allows the subscribers to use all the premium features for 7 days to test the water before taking any further steps. The good news is that you can access all the premium features using your basic information only, no credit card required, and you don't even have to unsubscribe before a charge goes through.

What does the ProtonVPN free trial offer?

  • Servers in 54 countries
  • Tor over VPN feature
  • Access to geo-blocked content
  • High speed
  • Top-notch security
  • 5 VPN connections

Just like many other VPN services, savings are larger on longer subscriptions. In short, ProtonVPN charges 10 per month for the monthly subscription, 8 per month for the yearly subscription, and 6.63 per month for the triennial subscription.

On the other hand, the free version offers limited features, compared to those offered by the free trial, and doesn't require upgrading after a certain duration. Also, unlike the free trial, it's not limited to 7 days and can be used as long as the user wants.

With the free version, you'll get:

  • 1 VPN connection
  • Servers in 3 countries
  • Medium speed
  • Free subscription

However, if you plan to use the free version, it's important to know that you won't be able to access geo-blocked content, Tor over VPN, or connect to any of the company's available servers, which means much less flexibility than you'll have with the premium subscription or the free trial.

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The Secret Behind ProtonVPN's Popularity

You must have noticed that there are many VPN services available on the market, and for a beginner, the decision is more likely to be overwhelming. But among all other VPN services, ProtonVPN has had great popularity and is getting more subscribers every day. It comes as no surprise, though, since it is geared towards better security and constrained access to the internet.

ProtonVPN offers much compared to many other VPN services, and here's why we think more people should consider ProtonVPN when they go online:

  • Security: ProtonVPN cares a lot about its users' security. It uses 256-bit encryption to encrypt your data traffic across a network; 256-bit encryption is the encryption level used by militaries, governments, and large corporations.

    That's not all; in 2020, ProtonVPN announced a new feature, the "Full-Disk Encryption"; this feature prevents attacks, especially those that can come from high-risk countries. In a nutshell, Full disk encryption secures server certificates and stores all other configurations and software on an external server.

    Throughout the history of VPN, news about data breach attempts and data harvesting was brought to the scene; shockingly, similar news was associated with big names in the business and made VPN users think thoroughly before putting their trust in a VPN service. But let's tell you this about ProtonVPN, it has a true no-log policy that guarantees that your data is never seen or tracked by any other parties.

    ProtonVPN also has the kill switch feature to prevent any data leak in case your device fails to connect to the VPN network. In other words, the kill switch feature stops your connection to the internet when your VPN isn't working for any reason.
  • Speed and Reliability: ProtonVPN speed and maintained using the IKEv2 protocol, which guarantees the best connection speed, besides the OpenVPN protocol that it uses to maintain a secure connection.

    One of the main reasons people use a VPN is to go around the geo-restricted content and provide good speed and the ability for streaming, torrenting, and gaming. ProtonVPN is a good option for streaming since it unblocks the US and UK Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO GO., and Disney+. If you wish to use ProtonVPN for torrenting, it allows P2P BitTorrent on three servers for the free VPN and all servers for other premium plans.

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How to Get ProtonVPN Free Trial?

Before taking this any further, let's remind you that ProtonVPN doesn't offer a free trial on all its plans, and if you wish to test the service in advance, you can give the Plus plan a try, it can give you a clue whether or not it's the right choice.

With that said, you can follow the following steps to get ProtonVPN free trial:

  • Choose the free version of ProtonVPN, and fill in the required information, such as the email address and full username.
  • Install the application and connect to one of the available servers. After connecting for the first time, ProtonVPN will give you the option to upgrade to one of the premium subscriptions.
  • Choose the Plus plan and enjoy your 7-day trial and all the premium features that we mentioned earlier.
  • When the 7-day trial ends, you'll have the choice to upgrade or cancel the service. However, no action from your side is required to unsubscribe, and no long commitments.



ProtonVPN free trial has all premium features offered by the Plus plan and requires only the basic information to start your trial. No credit card or payment details are required. Compared to many other VPN services, we found that ProtonVPN is worth your money and a reliable option for those who put security and privacy first.

It's just the beginning; click here to read our ProtonVPN full review.


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