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Restaurant Pagers Overview

Restaurant Pagers OverviewRestaurant Pagers Overview
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Why Should You Use Pagers in Your Restaurant?

You may think that pagers have become a thing of the past. However, many restaurants of different kinds still use pagers to increase their customer satisfaction and better manage their queue lines and employees’ efficiency. Restaurant pagers also provide higher organization levels with more efficient seating and communication.

For example, in crowded fine-dining restaurants or bars, customers can be handed pagers and be sat in the lobby or at the bar. When an empty table becomes available, they will be notified with the pager. This way, customers will not have to leave or be frustrated while waiting for a server to seat them. Thus they will be more relaxed and have a better dining experience.

In hectic restaurants, the staff could sometimes take too long to serve tables, and customers may feel uneasy waving to servers to get their attention. With a click of a pager, servers will be instantly notified to attend to their customers, thus turning tables faster. In addition, pagers between staff and the kitchen provide seamless communication, as orders are ready to be served.

Types of Restaurant Pagers

There are several types of restaurants pagers that go beyond the traditional beepers for available tables. Types of restaurant pagers include:

  1. Beepers

Beepers are the most basic restaurant pagers; they either vibrate, flash a light, or play an audio notification, or a combination of all.

  1. Numeric Pagers

Numeric pagers are similar to beepers that notify customers of available tables, but they also send a phone number so they can call the server if they need to. Numeric pagers also allow customers to keep their turn in the queue if they had to go and use the restroom or get tied up one way or the other.

  1. Voice-Powered Pagers

Voice-powered pagers work in a similar way to beepers and numeric pagers by allowing servers to send a voice message to either notify customers that their table or order is ready or to politely inform them if there is a delay in their order or table.

  1. Alpha-Numeric Pagers

Alpha-numeric pagers allow servers and staff to send customers a text message or a number. Such small touches go a long way to maintaining customer satisfaction.

  1. Two-Way Pagers

Two-way pagers are perhaps the ultimate form of restaurant pagers, where both customers and staff can send text messages back and forth as they wait for orders or free tables.

Which Restaurant Pager Should You Get?

The answer to that question depends, of course, on your restaurant’s needs and budget. However, we have researched the best pagers you could consider using as a start for your restaurant

To start with, we recommend using basic beepers, so you understand the full gist of pagers, how they work, and how you could scale them up to your restaurant’s needs.

  1. NADAMOO Restaurant Pager System

NADAMOO’s pager system offers 20 pagers with a range of 500 meters and a wall-penetrable signal. Its full charge lasts up to 72 hours. NADAMOO’s pager system is a great option for small restaurants that are just starting to use pagers. The pager system costs $200.

  1. JOYSAE Restaurant Pager and Portable Wireless Calling System

JOYSAE is another basic beeper pager for small restaurants; it costs $170. JOYSAE comes with 10 or 16 pieces and has an indoor singular range of 200meters/ 656 ft and outdoors 1,000 meters/ 3080ft.

JOYSAW operates stably without any interference from other wireless signals. It has three notification modes, a buzzer, vibration, and an LED flashlight.

  1. NOLAS Corum Restaurant Call Coasters Pagers

The NOLAS Corum restaurant pagers are other basic beepers that are easy to use and have fair pricing of $200.

The NOLAS pagers come in 16 pieces and offer six alert modes like beeping, vibration, flashing, and some combinations of all. Its signal ranges to 400 meters, and its battery life last for up to 72 hours on standby and 36 in use.

  1. Retekess T112 Guest Paging System

Retekess pagers are high-quality pagers with a long signal range of up to 1,000m in open areas and 200-500m in closed areas.

It includes 3 alert modes:

  • Vibration + LED Flash
  • Buzzer + LED Flash
  • Vibration + Buzzer + LED Flash

Retekess pagers come with 30 pagers, and it supports up to 999 pagers. It costs $269.99

Now that you are familiar with the basic restaurant pagers and why they are used, you get started with pagers of your choice and upgrade to more advanced ones as your restaurant grows.

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