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Things to Keep in Mind When Picking a Credit Repair Company

Things to Keep in Mind When Picking a Credit Repair CompanyThings to Keep in Mind When Picking a Credit Repair Company

It is normal to go to a credit repair company when your credit score needs fixing. However, it is very important to find a credit repair company that is legit and can actually help you. That is why we are here to tell you some of the most important things you should keep in mind when you pick a credit repair company.

A credit repair company can usually provide many important services. One of the most important services, however, is improving credit scores. For this reason, it is important to know that the company you are choosing is good and can provide you with the positive results you are looking for.

With all the scams that happen in this industry specifically, we know that it is very hard to find a good credit repair service provider. So, without further ado, here are some important things to keep in mind when you pick a credit repair company.

Things to Keep in Mind When You Pick a Credit Repair Company

  • Previous customer reviews

Read reviews from real customers. This is the easiest way to know how good a credit repair company is.

  • If there is a contract

It is important that there is a contract in question. This way, you will know they are at least a legit company. Without a contract, you are at risk.

  • Costs and fees

Fees need to be reasonable, and that is why we recommend that you compare different companies’ prices before making any choices. If a certain company is priced way higher than the rest, then that is probably not the way to go.

  • If the claims are realistic or not

Many companies make very bold claims that are simply not possible. No company can actually promise any results. Companies can only promise to do their best when it comes to credit repair. If a credit repair company does make big promises, it is best to stay away from them.

Benefits and Advantages of an Improved Credit Score

There is an endless amount of benefits and advantages to improving your credit score. A good credit score means:

  • You get low-interest rate mortgages
  • You get credit cards with low-interest rates
  • Apartments will be available with no security deposits required
  • You have the option to get an auto loan with no down payment
  • You will have extra money by the end of each month
  • You get lower auto insurance rates
  • You will qualify for low-interest personal loans
  • You will qualify for an SBA loan to start a business
  • You will get so many better job options

So, as can be seen, it is important to have a good credit score for so many reasons. Having a bad credit score not only means you do not get any of the benefits above, but it also puts you at the risk of so many other disadvantages.

A bad credit score will greatly increase loan rates, close the door on many opportunities, limit customers from getting any sort of financial aid, very high-interest rates, and very high monthly payments in general.

If you would like to fix your credit score with a credit repair company, then here are some of the best companies out there that we would recommend.

Recommended Credit Repair Companies

So, let’s get right to the point! Below is a shortlist of our top three recommendations for credit repair companies. We have fully reviewed everything on this list, so we suggest you take the time to look at them before making any choices.

Best Credit Repair Companies:

1. Lexington Law

Lexington Law is definitely at the top of our list! It is mainly a law firm that is centered on credit repair services. It is one of the best credit repair companies by far. It is also one of the most popular ones out there.

Lexington Law will offer you the following services:

  • Free credit report summary
  • Free credit repair recommendations
  • Free credit score

The credit repair services they provide are offered in the three subscription plans listed below:

  1. Concord Standard:

Monthly fee of $95.95

This plan will cover the following services:

  • Credit Disputes
  • ID Theft Insurance
  • DebtHandler
  • Creditor Intervention
  • Inquiry Assist
  1. Concord Premier:

Monthly fee of $119.95

This plan will cover everything that was mentioned in the previous plan, as well as:

  • Credit monitoring
  • Alerts when the score changes
  • Credit score analysis
  1. Premier Plus:

Monthly fee of $139.95

This plan is their full package. It has all the services that were mentioned before, in addition to these:

  • Cease and desist letters
  • Access to FICO
  • Score tracker
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • Junk Mail Reducer
  • Financial planning tools
Read our full Lexington Law review if you want to know more about their credit repair services.

2. Credit Saint

Credit Saint comes in second place on our list! This company has been working with people to help improve their credit scores for almost twenty years now. They have a BBB rating of A+, which is really great. Credit Saint also has a 90-day money-back guarantee if it does not get rid of any of the following negative items:

  • Late payments
  • Charge offs
  • Collections
  • Repossessions
  • Judgments
  • Inquiries
  • Foreclosure
  • Liens
  • Bankruptcies

Credit Saint also has three subscription plans for its services:

  1. Credit Polish:

Fees: $79.99/month, as well as a $99 first work fee.

This plan gives you:

  • Challenges to the Three Credit Bureaus
  • Score Analysis
  • Creditor Interventions
  • Score Tracker
  1. Credit Remodel:

Fees: $99/month, as well as a $99 first work fee.

This plan will give you all that was offered with the Credit Polish plan, in addition to these:

  • Review target
  • Experian monitoring
  1. Clean Slate:

Fees: $199.99/month, as well as a $195 first work fee.

This is the Credit Saint full-service plan. It has all of the following, in addition to the services in the other plans:

  • Unlimited Challenges to the 3 Credit Bureaus
  • Creditor Interventions
  • Score Analysis
  • Score Tracker
  • Inquiry Targeting
Read our full Credit Saint review to know more about their credit repair services.

3. The Credit Pros

The Credit Pros is third on our list of recommendations for great credit repair companies. This company gives you a huge range of services, some of which include the following:

  • ID Theft restoration and insurance
  • Cease and desist letters to collection agencies
  • One-on-one action plan with a certified FICO Professional
  • 24/7 access to the client portal
  • Debt validation letters to creditors
  • Goodwill letters to creditors
  • Unlimited dispute letters

The Credit Pros has three subscription plans regarding its credit repair services:

  1. Money management: $69/month and a $119 first work fee.

This plan will give you the following:

  • One-bureau report and scores
  • ID Cover® Darkweb monitoring
  • TransUnion® alerts
  • Real-time account sync
  • Bill reminder
  • A budgeting system
  1. Prosperity Package: $119/month and a $119 first work fee.

This plan comes with everything that is in the previous plan, as well as:

  • Credit bureau challenges
  • Creditor interventions
  • Cease & desist letters
  • Letter of Reference
  1. Success Plus Package: $149/month and a $149 first work fee.

This plan is The Credit Pros' full-service package. It will give you all of the services in the plans above, as well as these:

  • Credit Builder Loan
  • Three-bureau reports and scores
Read our full review of The Credit Pros to know more about their credit services.

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