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Idp Generic Avast

IDP.Generic Avast Warning: How Threatening Is It?

IDP.Generic Avast Warning: How Threatening Is It?IDP.Generic Avast Warning: How Threatening Is It?


Earlier this year, many users encountered a idp.generic avast warning.
The idp.generic avast notice flags some files as malicious. Unfortunately, in addition to the idp.generic avast virus warning, another virus, idp alexa 51, has also been roaming around flash games and infecting them as they install.

If you are currently experiencing such problems, keep reading to know more about them and how to deal with them.

What Is idp.generic avast?

As we mentioned earlier, the idp.generic avast warning warns users about many files that may be acting maliciously. In some cases, it was a false positive flag, yet we advise you not to ignore it and take action if you encounter this warning.

The virus would infect either program files or game files, and if presumably yours are indeed infected, you are prone to data damage or loss.

We recommend having your antivirus always updated to its latest version when it is not; a false positive may occur, as some virus definitions have not been updated. If you are skeptical about the files flagged by your antivirus, we advise you to scan them with another antivirus.

Virus Total can scan any files for malicious content when you upload them; it is a good way to double-check your flagged files before deleting them.

Your antivirus’ Identity Protection Detection component is responsible for such detection; an idp.generic virus can be very dangerous to keep among your files. IDP stands for Identity Protection, so the threat you face could be trying to steal your identity.

What Is idp alexa 51?

Idp alexa 51 is another viral identity protection virus that can infect your files and computer. In addition, it is known to attach itself to flash games as they install. This virus is also very harmful as it not only damages your data and causes losses but also could give you the blue screen of death.

Potentially Unwanted Apps, also known as (PUP), with malware, can sometimes mask themselves as idp alexa 51. PUP usually launches adware that can hijack your browser and steal sensitive information while keylogging your activity.

A full scan by your antivirus is always the best course of action to take, and keeping it up to date comes next.

What to Do When All Hope Is Lost?

Do not fret, though. Hope is never lost. If your antivirus fails to remove the infected files, you can always perform a system restore. System restore is a feature that allows your windows to be restored to a previous state at a certain point in time. For example, before installing some programs or software, windows automatically creates a restore point, so if any system files were affected, you could send your computer back in time before its infection.

Steps for performing a system restore:

  • Search for ‘recovery‘ in the taskbar
  • Press on Open System Restore
  • Press on Next
  • Tick the show more restore points
  • Click on the one with the preferred date pre-infection
  • Click Next, then Finish.

Antivirus Recommendations 

Antivirus protection is an essential component of any device. It protects your files and data from viruses and malware that can either damage your device and/or steal your data. 

Choosing the right antivirus though can be a struggle. We have reviewed the best in the bunch and will tell you about some for you to choose from:

1. Norton


Norton is the best antivirus that includes all the features you need, including but not limited to a VPN with all its plans, cloud storage, and excellent malware protection gaining top scores on third-party testing labs. 

Norton 360 antivirus had a 45 false-positive rate (False alarms), with the industry average in the test being 17. While successfully blocking 99.5% of threats.

To know more about Norton, read our full review on Norton 360 Antivirus.


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2. Bitdefender 


Bitdefender is an efficient antivirus; it devotes all possible defending mechanisms for the sake of both your device safety and your information privacy. 

Bitdefender antivirus has a low false-positive rate with a 6/6 usability score. This means it's unlikely to mistake regular files for harmful ones.

It is one of the most consistent antiviruses in terms of protection, earning top scores consistently all year round, rather than an occasional full score.

To know all about Bitdefender, read our full Bitdefender review.

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3. Avast 



Avast is a veteran keeping more than 435 million people worldwide safe, protecting their digital data, identity, and privacy. Avast will keep you safe no matter what comes your way, and with the extra feature it provides you, you can be sure you'll have a good and safe time.

Avast Free Antivirus has a Real-World Protection Test with a 3/3 stars (Advanced +) real-world protection score. According to a test conducted with 758 domains/files, this score checks the rate of detection of malicious files and domains.

Avast Free Antivirus had 10 false positives (false alarms), with the industry average in the test being 17. While successfully blocking 99.7% of threats.

Read all about Avast Antivirus in our full Avast review.


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