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How To Disable Avast Online Security

How to Disable Avast Online Security

How to Disable Avast Online SecurityHow to Disable Avast Online Security


Avast is one of the most popular antivirus software on the market, gathering roughly up to 435 million subscribers. The main reason for this rapid growth is their free antivirus software with all the basic essentials you'll need to keep your device safe. You can download this software easily from a quick internet search, and you'll get access to customized security features, internet scans, and a password manager. These are all great features, considering they offer these services for free, plus a few extra perks for the paid version, but what's not so great is their latest security issues. 

If you are concerned with your security, and you temporarily want to disable Avast online security, we've got a quick step-by-step guide for you. 

Avast Security Issues

Avast has recently been in a number of different security breach scandals. First, a recent investigation put out a report proving that this Czech-based company has been using the personal data gathered from their subscribers and selling them to corporate customers. 

When you run the software, you do agree to share some of your information, so they can improve the quality of their services; selling their subscribers' details is not part of that agreement. In addition, they have another service called "Jumpshot," a market research company that promises to sum up users' online behavior patterns. All the data they gather is directly taken from Avast users; even sensitive information is used with specific details in which they gather through tracking their users like their health conditions.

The second issue they faced was hackers intruding on their network through their compromised VPN, and allowing them to stay in their system for two weeks in order to track the hacker. Worse of all, this isn't the same Chinese hacker that breached their security back in 2017. 

So we've got security breaches, hackers, data leaks, and other issues that this company is facing. If you are not ready to uninstall it just yet and want to learn how to disable Avast online security, read along. 

How to Disable Avast Online Security?

Follow these steps to disable avast online security: 

1. On your taskbar, click on the upward-facing arrow. 

Disable Avast Online Security

2. Left-click on the "Avast" icon.

Disable Avast Online Security

3. Direct your mouse to "Avast shields control" and choose the time period you want to disable it.

Disable Avast Online Security

4. Confirm your choice by pressing the Green button. 

Disable Avast Online Security

5. You have now managed to disable avast online security until you decide to run it again.

Disable Avast Online Security

Why You Need a Reliable Antivirus?

In terms of your device, it needs protection whether or not your computer is connected to the internet. The software will protect you from hackers intruding on your network and getting into your computer. Although the software is not perfect, and it cannot stop every attack you face, it does keep you aware and safe from most of it.

The name suggests that it is made for viruses, but the software protects you from all types of different malware: 

  1. Viruses
  2. Rootkit protection
  3. Worm protection 
  4. Bot protection 
  5. Spyware protection
  6. Messaging protection

When you download the software on your computer, it will keep you protected from outsiders, but you need protection from it too. This is why you need a reliable antivirus to make sure your data and the info they gather on you are kept safe. If the scandals of Avast have scared you away, there are a couple of other reliable antiviruses in the market with excellent track records. 

1. Norton 360: The service is a powerful anti-malware software; the package comes with so many different features for a reasonable price. Norton 360 has a great reputation, and all your personal info will be safe with them. 

2. Bitdefender: This security solution company is well-known and constantly ranks top among different antivirus testing centers and tech experts. Customers trust this product because it protects them from intruders, and they take their consumer's data protection seriously. 

3. TotaAV: This antivirus software is only available for a fee, but paying a small price for all the features you get makes it worth your money. They are known to provide excellent security measures when it comes to protecting your device, plus there have been no reports of them exploiting their consumers. 

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