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Best VPN Extension For Chrome

3 Best VPN Extension for Chrome in 2024

3 Best VPN Extension for Chrome in [y]3 Best VPN Extension for Chrome in [y]


When surfing the internet, our main means of communication is through our internet browser, and among the browsers, Google Chrome stands on top of the browser throne as the most used of all with approximately 64% of users according to some statistics. This makes Google Chrome extensions an important topic to take into consideration. Among extensions, we will discuss VPNs on Google Chrome as an extension. Are Google Chrome VPN extensions enough? What is the best VPN extension for Chrome? And are VPNs necessary on Chrome?

Let's find out...

Why Use a VPN

A VPN's main use is to encrypt your data and hide your ID and IP address online. Why would anyone want to encrypt their data? There are many reasons for that, starting with avoiding unwanted spying. I mean, I'm sure you wouldn't want your chats with your Tinder date or your Instagram DM's as data for your local government. I know I don't. The same thing goes with which websites you view, sometimes out of curiosity.

Of course, a VPN has other uses as well, such as unblocking geo-restricted content on popular streaming services such as Netflix. That's because the license for which shows Netflix is allowed to preview differ per region. Hence the content differs, and the same can be said about many other streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, Crunchyroll, Hulu, Disney +, HBO, and more.

A VPN can also assist you in getting better prices on products. Did you know that many websites adjust their prices based on the local income of the country they are selling the product to? That means many digital products are much cheaper using, for example, an Indian IP relative to a US-based IP.

A VPN still has many more uses to list, but that's a topic for another day.

When discussing a VPN in general, usually the term includes the app form. However, a browser extension is also available for users, and while it's more restricted in comparison to the full app, it can partially replace its functionality and be useful with many of the mentioned above points.

As for what a VPN extension doesn't do, it doesn't cover applications that access the internet directly without Google Chrome; an example of such is Torrent. A VPN extension can cover your IP getting access to a torrent site, but it doesn't cover the torrenting process itself since it's done using a torrent client and not a web browser.

The Best VPN Extension for Chrome

Table of content:
1. ExpressVPN
2. Private Internet Access
3. Windscribe

When picking which is the best VPN extension for Chrome, a few factors are to be taken into consideration, and the most important of all is what functionality you are planning to use the VPN for. If it's simply to secure a few online activities such as safe banking, then you might benefit more from a free VPN extension such as ZenMate free VPN extension.

The free VPN extensions lack speed and usually are hard to use with high-speed demanding activities such as streaming. In addition, their reach is somewhat limited when it comes to the number of servers, which means they are congested with many users, and the number of locations you can choose from is limited. Hence the geo-restriction unblocking ability is relatively low.

If it's a high-speed demanding activity such as streaming, if you need to access geo-restricted content, or if you need server distribution over many countries and locations to check for price differences, for example, then it's the premium product you're looking for.

Of the available premium VPNs, the best VPN extension for Chrome award goes to ExpressVPN, with its top speed, ease of use, and functionality.

Best VPN extension for Chrome list:

1. ExpressVPN 


ExpressVPN is our top recommendation for the best VPN extension for Chrome; it acts as a real VPN rather than some of the face proxy rerouting services that don't provide users with protection while browsing. The company is based in the British Virgin Islands (not a 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance member) with a strict no-logs policy meaning you can rest assured you remain safe while browsing. It has over 3000 servers spread over 160 locations in 94 countries, with no lack of location diversity in server location while maintaining top-notch server quality.

ExpressVPN has a high encryption level (AES 256-bit military-grade encryption), and WebRTC leak protection, meaning the protection is full, just like the desktop app. Furthermore, some countries like China use a firewall (The Great Firewall of China) to prevent locals from using a VPN. ExpressVPN is one of the few that can bypass this geo-censorship. ExpressVPN provides RAM-based servers.

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, VPN out there. This makes it very suitable for streaming as it can unblock the major streaming providers around, such as Netflix US, Netflix UK, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney+, and HBO. Its price is on the higher end of the VPN price spectrum. However, with our promo code discount link down below, you can be reassured you are getting the best deal for ExpressVPN available.

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For more info, read our ExpressVPN full review and analysis.


2. Private Internet Access



Private Internet Access relative to its desktop app surprisingly has fewer locations on the web extension, despite the company owning the largest amount of servers worldwide with approximately 36,000 servers with 24 countries only available and 3,200 servers for the extension. However, the company provides great features for users, including ad-blocking and flash block, reducing the possible threats.

Private Internet Access provides 256-bit encryption in its web browser extension, making it very safe for users. In addition, many other security-related features are available.

Private Internet Access provides users with WebRTC leak protection, keeping your identity safe online in the event your connection fails. It also takes care of any attempts of webcam hijacking or microphone access. Furthermore, its speed doesn't drop with use, unlike other competitors.

Speed-wise, Private Internet Access doesn't fail either, making it very useful and functional for streaming. Private Internet Access can unblock Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+.

Private Internet Access is another contender for the best VPN extension for Chrome, falling with just a few features short while compensating with lower prices.


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For further reading, check out our Private Internet Access full review and analysis.


3. Windscribe

Windscribe is a proxy service rather than a VPN service, it provides protection by redirecting users to HTTPS websites, but it doesn't provide encryption on its own. Nevertheless, it is one of the best extension proxy providers, with the Pro plan providing unlimited data and access to servers in over 110 cities in 62 countries.

The location diversity makes it a good choice for those who want to stream online. If you find yourself looking for a Netflix-compatible server, we recommend you try the Windflix servers, which are hand-picked by Windscribe for a smooth experience.

Windscribe covers users from WebRTC leaks, blocks ads, and trackers, in addition to malware online.

It's important to mention that Windscribe has a free version that supports traffic up to 10 GB per month of use, which means you can try it out, before making a final decision, despite it lacking the full functionality of the premium version.


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