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Bargain Auto Transport Review: Get The Best Bid!

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Bargain Auto Transport Review: Get The Best Bid!

Bargain auto transport doesn't have a long history in the field, yet it receives excellent ratings and offers the lowest price among the best car shipping companies.


Excellent shipping service and many good reviews
Low price rates compared to other shipping services
Door-to-door shipping services in 48 states
Different car shipping options including open and enclosed carriers


Shipping services are limited to the US
Doesn't offer shipping options for boats and motorcycles


Quick Stats

Price Range
Varies based on each case and situation
BBB Rating
Extra Insurance Coverage
Money-Back Guarantee
Door-to-Door Option

Bargain promises to put its customers in charge; it makes it simple and convenient to ship your vehicle. Your part is to set a price and let Bargain auto transport find your carriers based on your budget.

It's that simple. But this is just what they say, and in, we do our research, see what customers think of the service, and compare a handful of companies to offer a transparent and thoughtful review.

How Does Bargain Auto Transport Work?

In short, here's how it goes:
1. Share your vehicle information with Bargain auto transport by filling out the form on their official website. Similar information includes: Vehicle year, make, and model.

2. Set your price and allow Bargain auto transport to find carriers more likely to accept this price. Compared to other auto transport services, this feature makes Bargain a more convenient service since it narrows down the options to choose from carriers who fit your requirements only.

3. Choose the carrier, check if other fees are required, check the insurance status, and pay through Bargain's website.

4. If the price you get still isn't in the range of your budget, refer to Bargain again, and they will do their best to find a carrier who would accept the price you have in mind.

5. Allow Bargain to settle things up, and once there's a suitable price for both the shipper and the carrier, the deal can be done.

Auctions and bids are how things go when you choose Bargain auto transport. After you have chosen the vehicle and listed down its information like model, make, weight, and other details, including destination and type of carrier, you'll be ready to set your price.

Most car shipping companies will bring carriers and shoppers together and let the shipper decide which offer to take. However, Bargain auto transport has a different process that makes it possible to ship your vehicle at the lowest price possible.

After shippers set their price, Bargain auto transport lets them know what options they have and discuss all the costs before sending your offer to carriers.

This step should save the shippers much time and effort by offering the shipping requirements to drivers who are a good fit only.

Bargain ships all types of vehicles, classic, brand new, or even unused cars. However, it doesn't include motorcycles and boats in its shipping services.

Bargain Auto Transport Shipping Options

Bargain auto transport collaborates with trusted and insured drivers who can ship your vehicle door-to-door across the US. Based on your needs, you can choose that your vehicle is shipped on an enclosed or open carrier. Here are the main differences between these two options:

Enclosed carrier

Whether your car is a valuable antique or brand-new, you can get it shipped on an enclosed carrier along with a 4 maximum number of other vehicles. This option is for those who don't want their precious car to be affected by the weather's elements, wind, sunlight, rain, or other factors.

But for those who are tight on budget, we say this isn't the right choice for you. It's more expensive than open carries, even though it maintains a top-notch safety.

Open carriers

Do you have a casual car that you used or bought recently, but you're not so obsessed about its safety? Open carrier car shipping is what you need.

It's a budget-friendly option that can be a good choice for the vast majority of shippers for its affordability. As the name suggests, open carriers ship your vehicle on an open trailer along with up to 10 cars at a time.

Here's how open and enclosed car shipping differ:

  Open Shipping Enclosed Shipping
Number of cars shipped More (up to 10 cars) Less (Up to 7-8 cars maximum)
Cost More affordable Less affordable
Safety Exposed to weather elements Protected from weather elements

Enclosed trailers can ship one or two cars as well. However, you'll need to keep in mind the extra amount of money you need to dedicate to using this type of shipping.

Open car shipping also varies in the number of cars it can take; for example, both multi-car trailers and hotshot trucks both are categorized under open car shipping, but there are some differences regarding the number of cars shipped on the same carrier, speed, and cost.

Multi-car trailers ship a larger number of vehicles, making it a less effective option if the shipper is short on time. On the flip page, hotshot trucks can ship your vehicle in a shorter time and with more efficiency in navigating locations.

Bargain auto transport doesn't offer a terminal-to-terminal car shipping option. (A terminal-to-terminal car shipping is where cars are picked up and dropped off in nearby locations/terminals.)

Bargain Auto Transport Cost

As the case is with many other auto transportation services, shipping with Bargain auto transport can't be predictable. It's affected by many other factors such as:

  • Shipping distance: Distance plays an essential role in how much you'll pay; the total of miles is calculated and based on that, your cost is determined for sure besides considering many other factors.
  • Vehicle size and weight: Larger cars will take out of the dedicated space for shipping other vehicles, and the weight affects the overall weight carriers abide by.
  • Car Condition: It's important to know whether or not the car is running and in good condition.
  • Transport Method: Open or enclosed types of shipping greatly affect the cost. So does the type of open car shipping (multi-car trailer or hotshot trucks).

Bargain auto transport negotiates cost on a case-by-case basis; rates vary from one shipper to another depending on many factors, as we stated above. At the end of the day, Bargain isn't a fixed price or no dice type of service; it goes on in the bargaining process, and once you're comfortable with a price, it makes the deal.

No surprises in the horizons with Bargain auto transport; you'll know every cent you pay upfront. In order to bring you the lowest price possible, Bargain requires a small number of fees, but this shouldn't bother you when thinking of how much you save on your car's shipping.

A representative will call you to help you set a price based on your information, and once a price is confirmed, you'll be ready to receive bids that comply with your price.

At an estimated cost, you'll pay 15% less when dealing with Bargain auto transport than you will with other car shipping services.

Bargain Auto Transport Insurance Options

The idea of letting someone else other than you ship your vehicle to a different location might sound alarming, but when there are enough guarantees to maintain its safety, you shouldn't be that anxious about it.

Bargain auto transport deals only with insured drivers, so you can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands and whatever happens, your rights are preserved. The federal government requires dealing only with insured carriers, but not all auto transportation services meet this essential requirement.

Bargain auto transport requires their drivers to carry $1,000,000 in liability coverage and an additional $100,000 in cargo coverage. Bargain auto transport is a certified and BBB accredited car shipping company.

In case of loss or damage, it's better to take pictures of the occurred damage and note it on the bill of lading. Pictures are preferred to be taken at pickup and delivery so that you can prove the damage.

Customer Support

Bargain auto transport has excellent customer support options available on email and phone. If you choose to fill out the quote form, a representative will reach out to discuss what you want to pay and the possible bids based on your information. In addition, there is a client portal that is simple and allows you to track your car during shipping.

Wrapping up

Bargain auto transport is a BBB accredited car shipping company with multiple options to offer, including open and enclosed car shipping. Your car's safety is also guaranteed since Bargain deals only with insured drivers.

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