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Dfndr Security Antivirus Review

Dfndr Security Antivirus ReviewDfndr Security Antivirus Review


Dfndr Security is an android application that names itself an antivirus and anti-hacking application. It has over 100 million downloads and a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. But does it live up to its name and reputation? Let us find out!

Dfndr Security

Dfndr appears to offer many tools as part of its application, like a VPN and a performance tool, but they are actually offered as separate applications to download through the google play store.

The primary tool is the Security Scan; it’s designed to scan your android phone for viruses and spam. Upon running the scan ourselves, the only threat or issue that appeared was their anti-hacking feature being disabled.

Usually, the best antivirus software for any device or operating system is either approved or not approved on AV-Comparatives, a website dedicated to testing antiviruses and how well they detect threats and malware. AV-Tests have shown inconsistent results when detecting and stopping malware.

Dfndr Features

Besides the Security Scan, Dfndr also offers other features such as Quick Cleaner, Daily Phone Checkup, Battery Saver, and Applock.

Quick Cleaner

Quick Cleaner scans your phone files for junk files and cleans them up; upon running it on our device; it only managed to free up 5 megabytes from WhatsApp system files.

Battery Saver

The battery saver simply puts applications to sleep. It is quite disappointing as the latest android versions 11 and 12 automatically do that to unused applications. More sophisticated battery-saving applications would tamper with wake locks to keep your device in sleep mode longer and actually save more battery; one application that does that is Greenify.


The anti-hacking feature needs to be given system accessibility permissions, and it promises to detect malicious URLs in messaging applications and browsers.

Daily Phone Check-up

This feature performs another scan for your device but fails to give a detailed report on the threats it finds. For example, it detected a virus on our device when we clicked on Delete; it navigated to the Security Scanner to perform another full scan. Therefore, it is a little counter-productive and time-wasting, in our opinion.

App Lock

Straightforward as it sounds, the app lock feature allows you to create a password and lock applications you want to protect. You can choose to lock the applications with a numerical code or a pattern.

URL Checker

URL Checker is a tool that scans for the URL's legitimacy. You would have to enter the URL yourself, though, which pretty much discourages users from using it. Better antiviruses would instantly warn you about a suspicious website upon entering it or redirect you to the original website, rather than having to enter a URL manually to scan it.

Ease of Use

The application can be downloaded straight from the google play store. It has a friendly interface, and scans are done with a click of a button.

The most annoying part is the ads that show up after running a scan, and upgrading to the premium version is the only way to get rid of them.


Premium Version

The premium version offers more protection features such as:

Identity Theft Protection: Alerts you when your credentials are leaked online.

Privacy Protection: Traces where applications send your data and learn which app risks your privacy.

Anti-theft Protection: This allows you to remotely lock your phone, erase its data, and capture a picture of the thief.

Remove Ads

Anti-Hacking: Alerts you upon receiving malicious links.


Customer Support

Customer Support is available through PSafe, Dfndr’s parent company. In addition, they have a FAQ section and a knowledge base for their applications to search within.

You can also contact their team through email support as live chat is not available.


Dfndr Security premium plan is available for $79.99 per year. It is a little costly compared to other antivirus applications that offer more features and reliability for better prices.


While Dfndr Security offers basic features and protection for your android device, we do not advise paying for the premium version as other antivirus applications offer more secure protection.

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