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How To Turn Off Avast

How to Turn Off Avast: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Turn Off Avast: Step-by-Step GuideHow to Turn Off Avast: Step-by-Step Guide


Avast antivirus is one of the most popular malware-protection software. It is designed to protect your computer from viruses, malware, spyware, and more. This is the reason why so many people choose to use this antivirus for long periods of time

However, there are times when antiviruses could cause problems when installing third-party programs and applications. They can also block certain sites from loading, and if it doesn't recognize the application, it might stop it from installing.

The app can also prevent a certain website from opening. That is why you might be wondering how to turn off Avast antivirus. 

There are three effective methods to disable your computer antivirus. Read on to learn how to turn off Avast.

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How to Turn Off Avast Antivirus (From the System Trey)

Follow these simple steps to learn how to turn off Avast antivirus software on your computer:

Turn Off All of Avast's Shields:

Step 1: Locate the orange Avast icon on the lower right corner of the taskbar. From there, right-click on the Avast icon.

Step 2: From the menu list, hover your monitor over the Avast Shields Control option.

Step 3: Another side menu will appear. You can choose from the different options you have on there. 

  • Disable for 10 minutes
  • Disable for 1 hour
  • Disable until computer is restarted
  • Disable permanently

Step 4: A message from the software will pop up. Click on 'OK,' and the shields will be disabled for whatever period that you chose.

Step 5: Go to Avast's main window to confirm that your shields have been disabled. Once you see this message, it means that your shields are off.


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How to Control What Avast Shields (Features) to Turn Off:

Another good option that Avast offers is turning off certain shields for certain purposes. For example, you can choose to turn off particular shields and not the entirety of the antivirus' services. This way, you can access the websites that you want without being exposed to privacy threats.

Step 1: Find the Avast icon on your taskbar (usually on the lower right corner) and double-click it. 

Step 2: The user interface of the Avast window will appear on your screen. From there, go to the 'Protection' tab and click on the 'Core Shields' option.

Step 3: In the 'Core Shields' tab, you will find four types of shields; File Shield, Behaviour Shield, Web Shield, and Mail Shield.

Step 4: You can now toggle off any shield that might hinder your activity online. This way, you keep the other shields on for your protection. You will be asked about how much time you want to turn the shield off for, and you can pick any of them.

To Reactivate the Shield

Once you have achieved what you wanted on the internet, you can turn the shield back on by toggling the switch under it. 

How to Switch off HTTPS Scanning Under the Web Shield Option

HTTPS scanning is an antivirus feature that disabled malicious malware that websites allow through traffic. HTTPS scanning decrypts and scans encrypted traffic to detect any potential malware.

That is why you should only turn it off in very urgent situations. Otherwise, you will be exposing your device to malicious malware.

To Turn Off HTTPS Scanning, You Need to Do the Following:

  1. First, go to the main user interface of Avast.
  2. At the top right corner, select 'Menu.'
  3. Select the 'Settings' option from there.
  4. You'll see the option 'Core Shields,' click on it.
  5. Now scroll down until you're met with the option 'Configure shield settings.'
  6. There, you will find a bunch of boxes that are checked. Uncheck the box that says 'Enable HTTPS Scanning.'
  7. If you want to turn it back on, follow the steps from 1-6, and you'll be all set!

Remember: the HTTPS scanning feature was designed to protect your browsing experience. Therefore, it is important to keep it on at all times unless you must turn it off.

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How to Turn Off Avast By Removing its Application

If you have disabled the Avast antivirus app but still facing the same problem, you need to uninstall the software. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Go to the Windows Home Button and click on 'Settings.' In there, double-click the 'Applications' button.

Step 2: Now, in the 'Applications' window, go to the 'Applications and Features' tab and search for the Avast antivirus application.

Step 3: Select the application. Click on the uninstall button. The uninstallation process should not take long after it begins.

Step 4: Once the uninstallation process is complete, restart your device.


In the steps mentioned above, you should be able to learn how to turn off Avast safely. You can also turn off certain features in it, like the HTTPS scanning feature from the web shield option. 

Don't forget that antiviruses were designed especially to protect your device from viruses and malicious malware. 

Stay Safe and stay smart!

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