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Avast Secure Browser Vs Chrome

Avast Secure Browser vs Chrome: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Avast Secure Browser vs Chrome: A Side-by-Side ComparisonAvast Secure Browser vs Chrome: A Side-by-Side Comparison


As is commonly known, both Google Chrome Browser and Avast Secure Browser have become quite famous these days. That is why we are making things easier for our readers by creating a side-by-side comparison between the two browsers. 

List of Contents:
What is Google Chrome Browser?
- What is Avast Secure Browser?
- Avast Secure Browser VS Chrome: User Interface
Avast Secure Browser VS Chrome: Features
Avast Secure Browser VS Chrome: Security
Avast Secure Browser VS Chrome: Pros and Cons
Avast Secure Browser VS Chrome: Conclusion

The various needs of internet users call for new browsers with different features to be launched. That is why browsers like Opera, Firefox, and Avast Secure Browser are emerging nowadays.

That is great, of course, if you know and understand the features of each browser individually. However, if you aren't interested in knowing the features of each and every newly emerging browser, we understand!

That is why a comparison is necessary to cut down on bafflement and confusion.

Which browser is more suitable for your needs and which browser you're better off without?

In this blog, we are jutting out a thorough Avast Secure Browser VS. Chrome comparison to help you better decide. 

What Is Google Chrome Browser?

We have all used Google's famous Chrome internet browser at least once in our lives. It is user-friendly, easy to use, and quite convenient.

But what is Google Chrome? It is a multi-platform browser developed by Google and released in 2008. The browser was first developed for Windows, but it was later made compatible with Linux, macOS, iOs, and Android (where it became the default browser). 

Google Chrome is known to be a minimalistic interface browser, made easy for people to use every day for multiple purposes.

What Is Avast Secure Browser?

Avast is one of the most popular antiviruses in the world.

In 2016, Avast developed Avast Secure Browser under the name "SafeZone," as part of the paid version of their Avast antivirus. It was originally based on Chromium.

Avast Secure Browser is a free search engine that focuses mostly on Internet security and privacy. 

It was in early 2018, though, that Avast officially changed the browser's name into Avast Secure browser and basically rebranded it to become a free version that can be downloaded separately.

It was developed to be compatible with Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Avast's browser's three main purposes are:

  • Fast browsing.
  • Protecting its users' personal information from malware, viruses, phishing, and other cyberthreats.
  • Protecting its users' privacy. 

The question comes down to what is the best browser to use when so many options are out there! We believe that each browser fits the needs of different individuals.

Because we understand that it might be confusing to choose one browser only, we created this Avast Secure Browser VS Chrome comparison blog for you to decide.

Avast Secure Browser VS Chrome: User Interface

It is worth mentioning again that both Avast Secure Browser and Google Chrome run on Chromium engine. So you will find that there are many similarities in this Avast Secure Browser VS Chrome section.

Avast Secure Browser:

Don't be surprised if the first thing you notice about Avast Secure Browser is its similarity with Chrome. It is based on Chromium after all, and both browsers are using the Chromium search engine.

Avast Secure Browser's home page has a search bar in the middle, along with websites shortcuts right under it. You can easily edit and add website shortcuts however you want to. All you need to do is click on the "Add Shortcut" option and choose what website you want to add.

In the toolbar, the website provides you with options like the Adblock feature that will efficiently block all unwanted ads on websites. 

It also allows you to easily add bookmarks to your Bookmarks bar.

Avast Secure Browser's home tab also allows you to customize certain features like switching to dark mode instead of the default mode.

Google Chrome:

Google Chrome is popular for having a minimalistic interface.

Chrome's interface comes with a search bar in the middle of its homepage plus website shortcuts that come underneath it. 

Similar to Avast Secure Browser, you can easily readjust and add website shortcuts on your homepage. 

You can choose to show your most visited websites instead of website shortcuts. Or you can remove the whole section from your Google Chrome homepage if you want to. 

The good thing about Google Chrome is that it allows you to customize backgrounds. You can add your own background from your PC. 

You can also between the various color themes available on Chrome. Or you can choose a custom color theme.

Avast Secure Browser VS Chrome: Features


Avast Secure Browser:

Avast Secure Browser's most prominent feature is its built-in adblocker. This feature will help you browse faster and without any distractions or annoying pop-ups. 


Once you enable the adblocker feature from the toolbar, you will be able to see how many ads it blocked on the website you're currently using. 

In case you needed to pause the adblocker, you can simply pause it either for one specific website, or you can pause it on all websites. 

Avast Secure Browser's built-in adblocker is based on Ublock. It offers you three blocking options; Essential, Balanced, and Strict. 


Each option offers various ad-blocking services to fit your preference and need while browsing. Althought the Strick blocking option is the most secure, Avast Secure Browser recommends the Balanced blocking option.

That is because the Strict blocking option might break some sites and prevent them from loading.

Under the Blocking options section, a General Settings section appears. From there, you can choose to toggle the option that allows number of blocked ads to appear.

However, what's convenient about this section is that it has an option that gives you the freedom to create a list of websites to exclude from the browser's adblocking feature. 


If you open Avast Secure Browser's security and privacy center from the top right corner of the tool bar, you will be met with many other privacy options.

You can download or enable features like Anti-fingerprinting, Mobile protection, Anti-phishing, Anti-tracking. This way, no website can ever steal or hack into your personal data. In addition, No website can read your login credentials, or even track you.


Some of the features that you can download include Antivirus, Bank Mode, and VPN

Avast Secure Browser also has protection features like an extension guard to block any harmful extension. In addition to a webcam protection feature that will make sure that websites do not have access to your PC's webcam.

Last but not least, the browser has a Hack Check extension (see the image below) that you can enter your email address in to check if any of the accounts that are connected to this email has been hacked into.

We believe that Avast Secure Browser offers many great features that can come in handy. If you're looking for a browser to increase your online security, then Avast Secure Browser is the one for you. We are especially obligated to give credit to the efficiency of its adblocker feature.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome browser comes with a Google-powered address bar that can give you specific information at a glance. 

Once you log into your Gmail account, google can have your passwords, bookmarks, and browsing history on all other devices connected by the same account.

The address bar is one of our favorite features, you can calculate simple equations, look for definitions, convert currencies, or look up the weather in any location on any day.

One feature of Google Chrome that not many people know about is tab grouping. This feature allows you to group a bunch of tabs under a certain name and color. This feature can come in handy to those who multitask while they're on Google Chrome. 


Another important feature that would help with multitasking is tab-pinning feature. You can pin your main or most important taps to the left while you work on your other nin-primary tabs.

Google Chrome offers a Safe Browsing feature that will protect you from unsafe websites and downloads. However, the downside of this feature is that in order to customize some of its settings, you have to send your browsing information to Google for analysis. 

Chrome also offers an adblocking feature. However, it isn't enabled by default and it only blocks intrusive or malicious ads and allows the rest. If you want to turn the feature on, you would have to dig a little deep in the settings.

Avast Secure Browser VS Chrome: Security

 Both browsers are safe and secure to surf the internet on. However, Avast enhances your security much better than Chrome. 

Feature Google Chrome Avast Secure Browser 
  • Primitave.
  • Must dig deep in the settings to find it.
  • Only blocks malicious or intrusive ads.
  • Advanced with several options to choose from.
  • It is on by default and users can choose to pause it either for all websites or for certain websites. 
  • Can block intrusive ads only or all ads without leaving any if you choose to.


Avast Secure Browser VS Chrome: Pros and Cons

  Google Chrome Avast Secure Browser
  • Low memory usage.
  • Secure.
  • Offers the latest features. 
  • Tab searching
  • Excellent privacy protection features.
  • Secure.
  • Great adblocker.
  • Works great with other Avast products.
  • Adblocker feature isn't good enough.
  • Uses more memory than Google Chrome.


Avast Secure Browser VS Chrome: Conclusion

Both browsers are safe and secure, fast, handy, and user-friendly since both of them use Chromium.

However, if you are keener on your security then we recommend that you use Avast Secure Browser.

But if you prefer trendy features and multitasking, then we recommend using Google Chrome. 

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