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First Choice Debt Relief Review: All You Need to Know

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First Choice Debt Relief Review: All You Need to Know

Having multiple financial commitments can be troubling and leaves limited options to what the borrower can do with his life. The problem gets more overwhelming if what a borrower owes is more than what the income can cover, making it hard to pay on time and stick to a recovering financial plan. If that's the case, debtors are left with limited options to choose from, so they eventually decide to settle their debts through a debt relief company.

But since we don't encourage people to count on whatever services come their way, we decided to compare different companies and review a handful of them so our readers can make a good choice. In this article, we chose First Choice Debt Relief; you can count on our review to know all about it.


No upfront fees required
Free fees calculator to help you weigh your options
Clients dashboard to track their debt relief process
No fees required if the creditor refused to settle
BBB A+ accredited business


Fess aren't clearly stated on the website
Debt relief options aren't explained on the website


Quick Stats

Credit Score Impact
Not Available
Average Net Savings
25% to 35% after fees
BBB Rating
Vary by state and situation
Minimum Debt Required
Money-Back Guarantee
Not Available
24 to 48 months

First Choice Debt Relief offers a simple and no-brainer form to fill on their official website, by filling it out, the counselor will have the chance to understand the debtor's needs and the type of service that works the best for his debt type.

In order to weigh your options better, we offer this review to help you find a way out of your debt.

How Does First Choice Debt Relief Work?

First of all, you’ll need to deposit a monthly amount of money in a dedicated savings account, allow the debt relief company to negotiate on your behalf with creditors, and finally have your debt settled for a reduced debt balance or lower interest rates.

But first, you need to fill out the form on their official website or give them a call and talk to a counselor about your debt relief options.


If you’re not qualified to go further in your debt settlement, they will let you know by a phone call, but actually, the website doesn’t say much about the requirements. So instead, you’ll need to fill in the form or call a counselor to know whether or not you qualify to get your debt settled.

When you head to the form, it requires some personal and financial information about you. Similar information includes your first and last name, state of residence, the total amount of your debt, type of loans, besides some other information.

However, we think you should know that debt relief companies do not ask their clients to pay fees unless they at least negotiate with the creditors. In other words, if a debt relief company asks you to pay upfront fees, there is a huge chance that you’re dealing with a scammer.

The debt settlement is when a debt relief company negotiates a creditor to settle unsecured debts for a lower interest rate or a reduced debt amount, which saves the debtor enough money to get his finances back on track. The debtor needs to make a monthly payment as the debt relief company negotiate with the creditor, meanwhile, the debt relief company deducts its fees from the deposited money only for the debts it negotiates.

A debtor deposits his own funds in his account, and with First Choice Debt Relief, a client can choose to cancel at any time with no penalties.

Debt settlement doesn’t sound like an easy decision since a settlement means lower interest rates and monthly payments and a worse credit score.

That’s the reason why we recommend reaching out to the company’s counselor and making things clear about your debt and how the process works to avoid any possible surprises in the future.

First Choice Debt Solutions Eligibility and Requirements

What to expect when visiting the website? Actually, the website doesn’t give a good deal of information about the minimum debt amount and the states it covers, but the form allows you to choose from the fifty states and a $1,000 minimum debt amount. Still, we came across many reviews that say that the service is available in 27 states only, and it doesn’t accept less than a $7,000 minimum debt amount.

One more thing to know before you go further with First Choice Debt Relief is that it doesn’t state any other debt relief solutions on the website other than debt settlement.

When we tried to reach out, the counselor mentioned that they might offer debt consultation and debt consolidation for some borrowers. However, the website explains settlements done by the company without mentioning any other solutions that clients might choose from.

Like many other debt relief companies, First Choice Debt Solutions can settle unsecured debts only, which means if you have an auto loan or federal student loan, you probably won’t be eligible.

Fees for First Choice Debt Relief’s services

There aren’t any fixed fees when dealing with First Choice Debt Relief; what you pay depends on your debt amount, state of residence, and other factors, including living expenses and current income. 

The website doesn’t state that as well. Still, we could get some information about how much fees a borrower might pay. We could find that the fees are determined after talking to the account manager, who arranges with the debtor for an affordable monthly payment and fees.

The good news is that you don’t have to pay a penny until your debt relief company negotiates your debt with a creditor. If the creditor refused to settle, First Choice Debt Relief wouldn’t charge you any fees, which is a quality that other debt relief companies might not offer.

However, a settlement gives creditors a chance to get something instead of nothing; that’s why creditors usually accept to settle, especially when thinking of the settlement alternative, such as a bankruptcy, that will let the debtor start fresh without obligating them to make any further payments.

Debt relief companies aren't allowed to require upfront fees due to the Federal Trade Commission (EFC), and if you are asked to pay fees before the debt is negotiated or settled, it might be a scam attempt.

Types of Debt Addressed by First Choice Debt Relief

First Choice Debt Relief helps debtors pay off their unsecured loans, such as personal loans, credit card debts, unpaid medical bills, and personal loans. In other words, if your debt is secured, such as auto loan debt, First Choice Debt Relief isn’t the right solution.

Personal loans

Whether to pay for living expenses or other reasons, extra money might be needed at some point in life. However, things might get out of control when borrowers can't manage their finances well. First Choice Debt Relief can help you find a settlement with your creditor if that's the case.

Credit card debt

A lot of people come to debt relief services with a large amount of debt because of their credit cards, but you can plan for a low monthly payment at a reduced interest rate with First Choice Debt Relief.

Unpaid medical bills

Health is one of the most expensive parts of your life to pay for, hospitals bills can drastically go high, but you might want to consider making affordable monthly payments to get your debt paid off.

Student loans

Education isn't less overwhelming than health; tuition fees hinder your progress. That's why many students find that student loans are the best way to hold a certificate. If you owe more than you can afford, First Choice Debt relief can help you with this type of debt too.

Customer Support

You can reach out to one of First Choice Debt Relief agents by calling the customer support number or send an email stating your type of debt, its amount, and the service you prefer to go for.

The contact information is shown on the official website; you also can choose to fill out the application and allow them time to contact you and discuss your debt with one of the counselors.

In a Nutshell

First Choice Debt Relief has simple criteria to help you pay off your unsecured loans. All it takes is to open a dedicated savings account, start making monthly payments to the account, and wait as the debt relief company negotiates with the creditor.

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