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LogMeIn Remote Access Software Review

LogMeIn Remote Access Software ReviewLogMeIn Remote Access Software Review

If you're looking for better connectivity, more flexibility, and faster delivery, then remote access to your system and files could be the solution you're looking for. LogMeIn has amazing features that will help your small to medium-sized business.

They offer you unlimited user access, 1TB file storage, and support for multiple monitors. In addition, they have various security features that will help you ensure your data's safety and privacy.

In this comprehensive LogMeIn review, we will discuss this software's features, prices, and pros and cons. So if you're curious to find out why LogMeIn is one of the best and most secure and useful remote access systems, keep reading.

What Is Remote Access Software?

If you're not experienced with this term, it could be a little confusing to understand at first. However, remote access software is quite simple and easy to comprehend. It is software that allows you to control a PC located across the room or across the country as if you were sitting right in front of its screen.

You can connect to the remote machine using the remote access software. Everything you do with the mouse gets sent to the remote machine immediately until you click the mouse outside the remote access window. This allows you to have access to your desktop at home or work if you're not there in person. 

This type of software also allows you to send out an invitation to someone else to let them access your machine too. However, this feature is not always available.

Most of these programs allow you to copy files back and forth between the local machine (the one you're sitting in front of) and the remote machine. You can also copy text or graphics to the clipboard on one machine and paste it on the other PC. Another great feature is the chat window which allows you to talk to whoever is sitting in front of the remote device. 

The chat feature is especially useful if you're using this remote access software for technical support. Some of these programs also allow you to make video recordings of what you're doing on the remote screen. You can also use the remote screen like a whiteboard, drawing lines and arrows on the remote screen.

Features and Interface

LogMeIn introduces great remote access features like chat, file transfer, local printing of remote files, and invitation for one-time desktop sharing. However, LogMeIn offers a more complex interface than its competitors, and it also operates in slightly different and unique ways.

For example, LogMeIn has a security feature that is not offered by any other remote access software on the market. The feature is that it sends you an email if anyone tries to log into one of your devices with an incorrect password. This could be a little annoying for people who choose complicated passwords because they will receive an email regarding the issue every time they mistype it.

However, this feature could be precious in a corporate where there could be people who might threaten the safety of your data and business info.

How LogMeIn Works

To log in to remote devices, you can either log in through the LogMeIn client app or by signing up to the LogMeIn site in your browser and clicking on the name of the remote device that you want to access. However, if you use the browser and the client app isn't already installed on your local device, the browser downloads the client and uses it to connect. Once you cut the connection, the app gives you the option to either keep it on your device or dispose of it.

The client app

LogMeIn client app is a minimal-looking viewer with an options menu that's packed with various functions. This menu becomes available for you to view once you're connected remotely. This options menu allows you to blank the remote screen to keep any prying eyes from looking at what you're doing.

In addition, through this menu, you can communicate with anyone sitting at the remote device by letting you draw on the remote screen as if it were a whiteboard, or you can choose to turn the mouse cursor into a laser pointer. You can also sync the local and remote clipboards in order for you to copy text or graphics between two devices.

While using the client app, you can also drag and drop files in both directions between the local and remote devices. Unfortunately, this feature of drag-and-drop works only on the Windows version of the client app, so you cannot use it on a macOS device. 

You can also launch a separate File Manager window from the client app or from LogMeIn's webpage and transfer files back and forth by using a standard two-pane file manager interface. This feature is available on both the Windows and Mac versions of this app.

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Usability and Ease of Installation

As you might already know, remote access programs can be quite tricky to set up and activate. However, LogMeIn's registration and installation are quick and easy to process, and the program is easy to set up on any PC you choose.

Once you've set up the remote access software, you will be able to access your PC anywhere you have an internet connection at You will find that the website is easy to navigate and understand, so you'd never get confused about using one of its features. 

Usually, remote access software should not be complicated. However, it is worth mentioning that simple remote access programs would have trouble getting past firewalls and such. This will create a big barrier between both parties on either side of the connection.

The good news is that the LogMeIn software does not have these limitations or issues. It can still function perfectly even with an abundance of ports blocked on the network you're using.

Versions and Pricing

You might be excited to know that LogMeIn offers a free version for basic use. However, it is important to mention that LogMeIn Free does not support many important features, including file-sharing or transfer, desktop sharing, remote printing, remote sound, background login, etc. But if you care to make use of any of these features, you can get the LogMeIn Pro package for $349.99 per year.

You pay the same price whether you're buying the Windows or Mac version. However, as we mentioned earlier, the Mac version does not support the drag-and-drop file transfer, remote sound, diagnostic toolkit, background login, or screen blanking.

LogMeIn offers different versions that include different features for you to choose from. If you're not sure which product to choose, you can always go to the website and tell them exactly what you want to use the software for, and they'll suggest individual products for you. Here are some of the most important products that they offer:

  • LogMeIn Ignition: You can use this product if you want to access your PC or Mac from your iPhone or iPad. It is available in the iTunes App Store for $349.99 per year.
  • LogMeIn Rescue: This product is perfect for IT teams who want to provide customer support to PCs and smartphones without any pre-installed software. This product is available for $108.25 per month.
  • LogMeIn Hamachi: This product helps you create virtual networks easily and without wasting time. The premium plan of this product is available for $199 per year.
  • LogMeIn Command Center: Through this service, you will be provided with a central location to control your connectivity and deeply remote access to the free, pro, and Hamachi versions, all for $299 per year.
  • LogMeIn Backup utility: You can get this product to have flexible control to remotely back up data. It is available for just $40 per year.

LogMeIn is considered budget-friendly as it is much cheaper than its competitors on the market.


Customer Support

LogMeIn offers various and comprehensive customer support options for you to benefit from in case you face any issues while using it. In addition, you can check out their many guides that help you around the website and explain so much info about their products.

There's also a community forum that users like you can post their issues, and other users would help them from their experience. There are also blogs that you can refer to in case you need a quick read for the issue at hand. Finally, if none of those mentioned above methods work for you, you can always contact the LogMeIn support team through their live chat services.

Final Verdict

LogMeIn is one of the best remote access software programs that you can benefit from to either control your devices when you're away from them or offer technical help to someone sitting in front of a different device. It is available for both Windows and macOS; however, the macOS version does lack some important features.

The best part about LogMeIn is that they offer a free version in which you can use and test the product at your convenience. In addition, if you find that you're in need of more features but you're not sure which one of their products you should choose, you can always contact their support team to help you pick the most suitable plan for your budget and needs.

LogMeIn is considered affordable and wallet-friendly compared to its rivals on the market, so if you're looking for an excellent remote access software that will not cost you a fortune, LogMeIn is the right one for you!

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