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Interguard: Employee Monitoring Software Review

Interguard: Employee Monitoring Software ReviewInterguard: Employee Monitoring Software Review

About Interguard

Interguard is a workforce management and employee monitoring software that businesses can utilize to improve productivity and data security, track employee productivity, and secure insider threats all in one platform. Continue reading our full Interguard review to know everything the software can do for your business.

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Interguard supports businesses in many industries, including:

  • Law firms: maintain the firm’s productivity while working remotely
  • Financial services: maintain compliance and secure PII
  • Healthcare: Secure patient data and achieve HIPAA compliance
  • Government: mitigate the risk of user behavior
  • Education: monitor and control student device activity
  • Law enforcement: used by probation and parole agencies nationwide

Intergaurd is fairly rated from customer reviews and online reviewing websites, earning 3.9/5 stars from Capterra, 9.2/10 stars from, and 4/5 stars from PCMag. However, Intergaurd is neither rated nor accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Interguard Features and Solutions

Employee Time Tracker

Interguard’s employee time tracker solution provides you with powerful reports and statistics on how your employees spend their time. It allows you to track attendance to ensure your staff work their full shift and discover who arrives late or leaves early.

Time Tracker features include the following:

  • Activity rates
  • GPS location tracking
  • Productivity measures

Intergaurd provides you with an ‘at a glance’ overview of all employees in your organization and allows you to spot problems early on. You can get detailed insights over their:

  • User activity heatmaps
  • Login/logoff timestamps
  • Unproductive time and productive time
  • Real-time desktop screen capture

Video Playback and Screenshot Capture

Intergaurd believes screenshots are the most powerful way of collecting data as they provide you with the necessary context to evaluate certain concerns. Intergaurd offers three types of screenshots:

Alert Word Screenshots

The software takes a screenshot when a keyword is typed or viewed on the screen. You can select as many keywords as you need, and Intergaurd will automatically screenshot when one is detected. Alert word screenshot is most ideal for protecting key files that carry sensitive data with labels such as ‘client list,’ ‘pricing,’ ‘confidential’; it is also used to protect against harassment in the workplace in chats or emails.

Continuous Screenshots

The software takes continuous screenshots of employees’ workstations at intervals you set. Continuous screenshots are mainly used when conducting an investigation, and the software will store these screenshots in a video playback style as they are juxtaposed against the activity log with details of the actions to facilitate the search.

Smart Camera Screenshots

The software screenshots everything for selected websites and programs you select. Smart camera screenshots allow you to select key websites or applications to be screenshot at intervals you set, and the software allows you to search through the screenshots that are specifically related to the selected apps.

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Real-Time Alerts

Intergaurd offers a smart alert system with a task manager. The software makes it easier for you to take action when a defined activity occurs. Real-time alerts features include:

  • Instant alerts by email
  • Color-coded flagging
  • Alert task manager
  • Policy violation alerts
  • Anomalous behavior alerts

Email Monitoring

Email monitoring provides you with tamper-proof evidence of any malicious insiders trying to infiltrate important data from your business. Intergaurd email monitoring software records and alerts all email and email attachment activity.

Anomaly detection alerts when an employee’s email activity is unusual such as having an above-average number of attachments or an unusually high amount of webmail activity. Email monitoring allows you to capture:

  • Business email
  • Webmail
  • Incoming & outgoing emails
  • Time stamps
  • To, From, and CC addresses
  • Subject line
  • Email body content
  • Attachments

You get a visual overview of email activity with a dashboard of email activities within your organization. You can choose from over 50 different charts to create an email monitoring snapshot view, such as:

  • Top senders of webmail
  • Total email by type
  • Top receivers of outlook email

Internet Usage Monitoring

Intergaurd Internet Usage Monitoring software allows you to identify time wasters in your company. You can easily spot company internet policy violations. The software provides you with data over everything your employees are doing online while they should be working; such data include:

  • URLs
  • Domain
  • Time spent on page
  • Website category
  • Search term
  • Flagged policy violation
  • Alert word on the page
  • Timestamp

You can sort your data the way you like and get a birds eye view with a dashboard of your own customization. Sorting examples include:

  • Potentially dangerous websites visited
  • Total websites visited trend
  • Top websites visited by active time

File Activity Monitoring

File Activity Monitoring allows you to protect your most sensitive files from employee misuse. The software allows you to easily monitor and track all file activity events processed by your employees, such as copying, deleting, editing, uploading, emailing, and printing.

The file activity monitoring software is easy to use and provides you with understandable insight into activity, real-time alerts of suspicious access, and the power to block access to select files and folders from select users.

Such tracked activities also include files that are:

  • Modified
  • Renamed
  • Deleted
  • Created/downloaded
  • Attached to email
  • Uploaded to USB
  • Printed
  • Uploaded to cloud

The software provides you with automatic monitoring that tracks everything that happens on the employee’s endpoint even without being connected to the network, as the software is a file-based solution.

Real-time alerts provide you with automatic email alerts that are triggered by pre-defined file activities. You can review each flagged alert within the context of the user’s activity session to determine whether there is a threat or not.

Additionally, you get to set custom file monitoring policies according to the team, group, or individual risk level. For instance, you will want to be notified when an IT employee is attempting to access or upload an HR-related document, but not when HR is doing so.

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Social Media Monitoring

Intergaurd provides you with its social media monitoring software that allows you to monitor your employee’s social media use during work hours. Social Media Monitoring software collects data such as:

  • Social media sites visited
  • Chat apps used
  • Time spent on social
  • Activity time stamps

Keylogger Software

Intergaurd’s Keylogger software runs silently in the background and collects any keystrokes typed in any application, including web browsers, chat, MS office files, emails, and more. It is a very useful tool when it comes to investigating an employee with a suspicion of fraud or malfeasance.

Keyloggers’ features include:

  • Custom keyword alerts
  • Screenshots with context
  • Indexed keystroke logs search
  • No network requirement
  • All keystrokes on all programs
  • Rule-based keylogging

Intergaurd Plans and Prices

Intergaurd offers a simple pricing plan for its employee monitoring software. It allows you to choose between On-Premise or Cloud-hosting. On-premise option is quote-based, so you will have to contact Interguard’s sales team to get a free quote for your organization.

As for Cloud-hosting, the software costs $9.99 per user per month. You can also choose between monthly or annual payments. Intergaurd is compatible with Windows, Apple, Chromebook, and Android devices.

Lastly, you can try the software free of charge for 7 days.

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Customer Support

You can reach Interguard’s team by phone at 1-888-224-1288, live chat from its website, or schedule a call from its website. Intergaurd also allows you to view a free live demo of its software in action before committing to a subscription.

Last Words

Intergaurd offers a comprehensive and complete employee monitoring software packed with intuitive solutions for businesses in various industries. Its software is easy to use and implement, and the company offers cheap and simple pricing with a 7-day free trial.

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